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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  I Killed the Devil Last Night
Song:   Power Freestyle
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Flyin' in my spaceship, seven-hundred
Niggas in lobbies, they gettin' blunted
Who want it? The power's comin'
Spelled P.W.O.W.R.
The bloodiest bars, the ugliest scars
On the face of my apes
Niggas climbin' the gates
Banana clips, hammers on hips
Niggas put you in the box or a brace
Mack-10 tongue, spit shot to ya face
So fuck a love lock down
Before all the thugs are locked down
This is drugs I jot down
Hip-Hop's back on the block now
And real rap is back now
My mic will spray round
So ga'head and spit
So I can tell you how many germs is in your breath
How many brain cells you destroyed
And how many you have left
So I can tell you about space and depth
While you stuck on your wages, my shit is more outrageous
Laugh at you, your shit's more outdated
So ga'head talk about your cash
I'll tell you about the Stock Market crash
Mash, my raps are enormous

Spendin' your money on cars, you better spend it on a coffin
This is digital offering
Lyrical offspring, my spirits is callin'
Stompin' you roaches, niggas still crawlin'?
Nigga, your brain don't produce data
You're an old program, Priest is major
You're not a killer, an ape or a gorilla
You're soft, sorta like a chinchilla
Break ya chin like a mirror
A thousand years of bad luck
You and your crew can hit my Mack trucks
Your rap sucks, times up, grind y'all in a dutch
Roll it like a flip it in the garbage
Fuck wit Priest is cool, but my flow is HIV positive

I don't know
The Psychic World of Walter, come to the slaughter
Come to his daughter, the Virgin
How it feels to be under the surgeon
Antibiotics, but the shit ain't workin'
Blood plasma monitors, all your breathings
24-hours of cameras, you ain't got stamina