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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  I Killed the Devil Last Night
Song:   Psychic Priestyle
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
The most amazin', my raps appraised them
Priest the made men, as far as rap, my heart been jaded
Carve his face in, mask like Jason
Rock the stars like a bracelet
As far as evil go, I possess Satan
Turn off the lights nigga, quiet the Grand Mason
The first one to approach you, alien invasion
Telescope look at the sun, moon, stars
Of 'KP's engraved in
I'm here but up there is where the rhymes are created
My style hunt niggas like Emily Rose
Plenty of flows
The four-four waist is usually where the semi would go
Unless it's the Uzi and it's a beauty since I broke off his nose
Now it hits more then one when I fire
From the tongue of the Messiah
Y'all rappers are all washed up, throw 'em in the dryer
Nah, I'd rather hang 'em outside on the wire
Y'all rappers must love death
Go against me is like holdin' ya breath
Bullet proof skin inside my mind, my brain's holdin' a tec
Y'all rappers are dead now
Get ready cuz y'all rappers are dead now
Get ready cuz I am comin' now
Get ready cuz publicist is dead now
My rap's proof of gangstas and bosses smokin' cigars
Fine eloquent ladies walkin' around wit no bras
It's a magazine full of stained glass kings
I'm the last hope for mankind like what the Nazareth seen
Magnificent, beef? I'll blast from the genes
No agent or booth, I stay in the youth rappin' 16's
The Psychic World of Walter Reed is royalty
Respect the loyalty, biter is an act of forgery
I deal wit them corrigibly
Accordingly I wrap the mic cord around their knees
Then I snatch back till they look like midgets
Something indigenous, I spit fuckin' ridiculous
All of them think your style is fuckin' nuts
Well welcome to syphilis
I usually grab a bitch by her weave
Like bitch I told you to leave
She's like "Nah Priest, please!"
One destiny, one dynasty, one king
Drivin', starrin' at the horizon
Glarin', compare me to Orion
More like Osiris, two sided, like the Gemini
But it's Priest the Lion
The Leo, Cleo, psychic, I get deep wit this rhymin'
Writin', so many people tried to deny 'em
But he keeps climbin'

Yo, my man hung his phrase up in the air
It said "PWOWR" caught his words let it sit in my ear
For days, many hours
While in the shower, the heat fog up the mirror
Water drip to a letters, it couldn't be clearer
It spelled: P.W.O.W.R.
I saw my face in black space around couple of stars
Come drink the wine of my realness
From the cup of the Gods
Or eat the grapes of my wrath, blood from my bars
My man lit up the haze
The gray smoke showed us the end of days
Hip-Hop's in a dead state, I bet it come out of them graves
The Psychic World of me, it's not a PG
It's the autobiography of the unknown hottest emcee
Neva get noticed, that's why the double is approachin'
Y'all in trouble, the due date's closin'
Give back my style, let go of my flow
Come out of my king's robe, leave my kingdom
There's a difference between me and them and me and him
It's Priest amongst the immortal men

Prepare nigga, 'Psychic World of Walter Reed'
It's difference between me and them
'Psychic World of Walter Reed' nigga comin' soon