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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  I Killed the Devil Last Night
Song:   Puff a Cloud
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
My man rolled up a path of souls
Said he packed wit gold
Lit it up, took a puff his eyes has closed
Coughed in his speech, said the endorphins has released
Off into peace, a cool speech like the spirit reached outta his chest
As the weed ascend chased away in happiness
I smiled; I lift my drink off destruction
Fiery sea, rushin' down to my stomach
But it filled in wit spirits and mellow instructions
Knowin' water's released, selfish mystique
As he chief's, reachin' thru the cloud, passin' to me
Exchange for a drink, we took a moment to think
Damn, look at the world thru our eyes chink
Our black suits coulda been white
Watchin' our man cut the wedding cake, him and his wife
Flyin' ribbons; fly women throwin' rice
But the cold night at the grave sight
Droppin' flowers from his creation to the day he lost his power
Then we both just there stuck, thinkin' to ourselves
Damn another high Priest smoke cloud, he stands up

Daddy said he's thru wit the needles
Said he's thru usin' his peoples
Said he's finished beatin' his wife
The preacher told 'em "Yo you're cheatin' ya life"
Meanwhile I write, lady sings the blues
Child on the six o'clock news
Face twisted and confused
Old man liftin' his booze
A lil girl rubbin' her bruise
The destruction of the angels
Streets bargain wit God, who's gon' save you?
Turn to this bars, y'all need a Savior
Not a mirror between bars to look at ya neighbor
Jail time is hard, razor scars
Traitors in yards, gangstaz and Gods
Shit is all odd, no'I'mean?

The ascend of a good brother, the down fall of another
Who's to suffer but the mothers?
A fiend said she seen the dragon in a crack pipe
She said it breathed fire at her
She quit smokin' that night
But the dragon morphed into her man
Took her by her hand
Let her by the dealer she copped the bag
Told her no one gave a damn
She lit it, then his face bust open like stitches
She jumped outta the window, sixth floor
Amongst the dice and the liquor
Shit, damn, what we gon' do?