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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  I Killed the Devil Last Night
Song:   The Chase
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
I killed the devil now they lookin' for me
His demons were schemin', I ran out the project wit the glock 40
Cocked, bumped into a cop, grabbed this shorty
Hopped in the ride, peel off and drive
Got on my thigh, swervin' towards the Church
On some Da Vinci Code, windows low
Wind blow, it's windy yo
I stick my head out speedin', deep breathin'
My eyes closed, I done it
Fires of hell is jumpin'
Babylon the greatest toll, The Harlot Woman
Turn back into the ancient stone face and begins crumblin'
Out of the unfenced corners of creation
The body of all God's children escapin'
I pull up outside of the Church
Saw my mother first, kissed her on the cheek
Quick, where's the Reverend, ("Doin' the Lord's work")
I ran inside, he's on his knees, get up we G's
I killed the devil, we free, rejoice

(You what? You did what? What he said?)
(The devil is dead, what's he said?)
(The devil is dead, what he said?)
(The devil is dead)
He lyin', he denyin', nah I'm tryin', what he said?
(The devil is dead) What? The devil is dead?
(The devil is dead) The devil is dead?
You mean dead, dead?
(The devil is dead) What?
What he said? (The devil is dead)

So we partied up, somebody came up in the Church and lit a blunt
Almost made me drop my Hennessy in my cup
It was crazy, the Church turned to a party
A smoke house, 70's music, electric slide broke out
Grandma and the Preacher did the Hustle
Even the choir boy bust a move
I made it, do what it do
I sat back, I thought about all the times, all the harsh crimes
Times we sold crack, the time we had to get strapped
All my dudes up in the mac's, first blowin' their gats
To all my niggas that neva comin' back
That's deceased in the streets
A tear made his way to my lids
So many brothers and sisters doin' bids and neva lived
So all the Gods and Muslims did their thing, even the Hebrews
And everybody came and danced and let go of their egos
Cuz we all God's people, and that was my job
It was done, it wasn't fun, but I killed the devil last night
Yeah he tried to put up a fight, but I caught 'em
I was lookin' for that mothafucka for a long time, a long ass time
So my job is neva done, next time I see you brother
I'm gon' hand you God's gun, and don't get uptight
Just know I killed the devil last mothafuckin' night

Yeah, yessir
The devil that was inside of me
The devil was inside all of us