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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  I Killed the Devil Last Night
Song:   Vampire Lord
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Attila the Hun, the gorilla weighs tons
Swingin' from redwood trees
Chasin' monkeys, the silverback is hungry
It's rainin' tea, comin' from a foreign country
It's the battle sword, the pharaoh lord
A pile of wool, armor of martyrs that he conquered
The monster of honor, bring me agua!
His horse was girded wit pearl gems
His nostrils breathe out fire like charcoal, the dark soul
Last as he passes his enemies ash, the terror face scowls
He trampled a nest of doves and bear cubs
While throwin' the spear like a souvenir
The Ruler is here, all cheer
The skies and the moon was clear
Draggin' on the end of his wagon was so-called bad man
He was laughin', lift up his javelin
The lion roared, he twirled his sword like ?Merlin Nathal?
Blasphemous became weepers
There stood the king of ancient Babylon
Carry on; I stand like Istanbul for that religion y'all pulled

The king grew more angry, strangely
A strange tree grew in front of the old castle
The tabernacle chapels were all black
His axe, hacked off the heads and arms and legs
A fog from the grave was all gray and thick
The king's ears went pointy and weird
His teeth grew fangs and it hanged from his jaws
The lord of lords, the Moors adored
A cheetah stirred and slept
He leaped runnin' into the night
At night, the light, that the clouds threw
Cut trees into two, the eagle lands in his nest
The hair of the empress
The temptress wore a thin dress
The vampire sire, biter on the neck
The second death, to resurrect 

(Hook) 5x
A dagger in the belly, a knife to the throat
Hearin' bones crack, a kingdom up in smoke