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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   The 7 Crowns of God
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Escorted to my torment, my pen opened up the coffin
It's horrid, is quiet awkward, let's walk with Walter
Forward, see me trying on God's ornaments
The hoody King gleam like porcelain
Y'all seen the portrait in portions
It immolates greatness like 'The Offering'
Prince of the Presence - The Legend
To befriend, to calling 'em bredrins
But that's dead win
You fill his ears with poisons
What's this origin? You suppose to enjoy friends
But instead you try to exploit them
Now you trying to avoid them
Shape-shift your weed branches with fire
Blow out the negative gases, I rap with passion
Not for fashion, to provoke reaction
Your chances are Slim for being Shady
I'll have all of Em(inem) 'Relapsen', I spit classics
Open ya mind and ya mouth is where I fit the magic
Open the canvas of your thoughts is where I spit the graphics

(Hook) 2x
A-alikes is like mind
A-alikes is like mind
Day & night I write rhymes
Day & night I write rhymes

[Killah Priest]
I'm chasing destiny, past my future
It's therapy, telepathy
Look at my face, see a ruler
One day riding my scooter
The wheels came off became horses
The seat became a chariot
My yard into a fortress
I'm sitting off a cliff
The sky open, begin talking
Telling me my fortunes
Saying I should be hit with stones
They should break my bones
Leave me on the ground and die all alone
Bud out ya bones, I will stack it like LEGOS
The dirt I will stretch it out like Play-Doh
And form a body, than breathe the breath of life
You will be resurrected with mics
Than form a hex with light
There will be no copies, you are mine

(Hook) 2x

[Killah Priest]
Now hold on let me explain, God captured Greatness
Shaped into a form of a brain, I was born to be a King
'The Offering' it was drawn in a frame
But this time adore me with rings
Not gold rings but rings around Saturn
Check the pattern, off rhymes I wrote
And that I mastered in
Okay he mix Greatness with immortality
And added God morality
A throne spoke the name of Priest
From a palace on the mountain right off the sea
It said the 'Psychic World of Walter Reed'
I perform lyrical sorcery
God's tailors made my regalia
Lightning from my fringes
And thunder for embroidery
My hand that candles offers two CDs
The secret private life of plants
The diligent and militant
Commodity and colonies of ants
The spiritual and telekinetic mind of children
All rolled up in rhymes that are chilling
Black Lost Tribes of Israel
Official with bars of truth
Chopped up in crystal, no fishscales
Baking powder of Satan power, devoured
Pots of boiling water of Torah
Though the dragon with his legion of demons screaming
In my coke kettles of slaughter
Place a capsule of your rap dudes to take back to school
This is something to Relapse to

(Hook) 2x