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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Assignment
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Jesús, angels, Queen of Wands in the suits
Tarots and carols, pull another out in Beirut
Damn, hangman with daggers in his hand
She told me switch my plans
Dreams of ladder like that Israelite man
The twisted, vengeance of the mystic under light fan
The seven spirits of the Virgin emerging
In my right hand, fly crawls up her eye
She spoke a ghost, quotes, my head low, replied "Why?"
She said, eat bread, you'll overcome
I jumped out of the spiritual dumped
Holding the ultra-gun, I triumph, my life slumped
The Seven Cups around the lion
So y'all niggas better beware this year
Prepare for the uprising, this is my assignment

Egos and black wishes, black Christmas
A Santa with the hammer
Elves loading clips in shells
Thunder deer's bodies hanging from their antlers
Call the ambulance cuz transplant thugs
Cancerous drugs, I emerge, if I baited her
Rings of fire around my words
Abundance of curses and blesses from the virg
Y'all blasphemous rap speakers
Pulpits of bullshits, sever the life cord
The acts of the Reaper, y'all hate nature
Well, welcome to the urn of the cremator
Courts adjourned, attend to the king later
Stars aligning when I'm rhyming
Welcome to Orion, and to my second assignment

The murder angel wants you, black dogs want food
Black fog mist in front of the moon
Hogs grunt, gnaw, do you threw up ya lungs
Lightheaded at the sight of ya windpipes
Striated, your wife beheaded
Your pets put in pots, cook 'em hot
A Brooklyn plot, his face is a cushion for ox
Been stabbed in the back more times
Like an artist designing my tats
White witches kisses, virgin lips
I'm working with, blood vacuum thru the room
I write this doom, priceless tomb above his head
I once said I'll be the best, put time to test
Enemies to rest, gouge out ya heart
Eat it out my hand, you no fam
Stonelands, chrome wings span
It's the tyrant, if y'all truly knew
Y'all would stay silent
I turn violent, my last assignment