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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Be Careful
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Insane, my bad brain's insanity
Damage me, how can this be?
Bronchitis, the itis and sinus
Take out the tongue
Rubber gloves are the nicest
Supplier for the writer
Arthritis bones break easily
Too much toxins, I need antioxidants
I spit Grammys out my oxygen
My only family - the hood doctrine
When I was just an infant
The streets grabbed me reached thru the semen cavities
Took my pacifier out and put the concrete in my teeth
Breast fed me, grey goose, celeb G
Y'all ain't ready; they took me out the crib
With numbers across my bib
Moms lost her wig, when jail is just an auction
Depending on the numbers of ya bid
Niggas running under the bridge
Train station, the A train, triple six
Do you blame Satan, or God?
Would you sleep in ya bed or a morgue?

(Hook) 2x
Be careful who you follow
Be careful on what you swallow
In hell's frail, pass the L
Keep ya eyes on the bottle
Cuz if I die, those niggas die
It's all thought out in the third eye
Feel me?

[Killah Priest]
we follow drug dealers as Jesus
Look at the prophet like a Caesar
Dresses miracle, preferable leaders
Or a gun handlers
Number of the Beast is branding us
Mind damage, slumped posture under the cameras
Cracked cardiovascular, Dracula passed the massacre 
The passages, aborting reality planes
So foul allow me to explain, young child in the chains
Society now has changed, groupies, kufi's
Gauge and graves, toolies, bad movies get paid
On the roof with the Uzi, popping shit
A mouth with the loose leaf
Empty clips, enemies get hit, fly shit


[Killah Priest]
A gangsta glory, bed full of benjamins, having orgies
Sneak boxes off the floor at least four feet
Jury basements, a brewery, cases of champagne
Painting's costly, maidens
Other bosses talking in foreign languages
40 acres testing aiming
Flossing and dressing
Walking with ya boys out ya arraignment
Priest glory, UFO boarding
Able to foresee the Moorish King
Strange dudes talk to angels
Beam up great wings
Brush against the thick walls of the other planets
Writing rhymes, they lighting kinds of men
Species and women, my streets never made me creepy
Goosebumps - only if you front
Street Gods and gangsta devils
The USA ready to nuke 'em
Mantineum, the kingtanium
Priest ready to introduce 'em