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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Color of Murder Pt. 2 (Old Castle Hop)
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Elizabeth didn't confine her particular brand of domestic discipline to Hungary
On several occasions during her life
she was in Vienna to visit the court of the Austrian king Matthias
Despite protests, she tortured servant girls here at her house in Augustiner Strasse

(Hook) 2x
The color of murder part 2
Put ya heart in a cube
Than rip it in two
Pour maltose silver in ya eyes
I'm a poet and an executioner
What color do you see when you die?

[Killah Priest]
This one's called the Judas cradle
Operating table, chop the navel
It's very painful
First take off his white angel
The complaining wolves are very hungry
Never close the womb in his tummy
Curses open up the tomb of the mummy
Color of murder, lyrics are like burners
Talk to the bad spirits, open up the furnace
Get me the Virgin
Next is called the coffin torture
Hang 'em up side down, overweight
Sharp blades loose braces to support ya
Sometimes death occurs when idiots splurge out words
To the Mantineia, millennium emerge
Such pity, I get busy, stomp teeth on curbs
Go head whisper prayers, unprepared beware
And may you fall on death airs
Next is called the Brazen bull
Quiet, we in the woods with gazing wolves
I show up in the hood
Disturb ya, with the color of murder
The Virgin worker, tear drop, they kneel, stop
Watch his heels lock, from hip-hops to old castle hop
This ancient battle, bones break over rocks
Next is called the Rat torture
Very painful, send prayers to every angel
Than ask me what those heavy chains do
It's real, I kill so graceful
From the mount Grayskull
Pow, now you taste blood

(Hook) 2x

[Killah Priest]
Water torture; turn my back, here comes Walter
Blood slaughter, drip, drip, drip
Till it's like a boulder falling on ya head
Ya friends, ya bird, ya dog, all are dead
Depending on ya crime, sentences is the rhyme
How about tearing off ya clothes
Burying you into the snow, up to ya nose
Let any animal or insect eat at you slow
Chewing thru ya bones
Scream as loud as you want, we're all alone
I will let you call ya moms but bars on my phone
Next the chair of torture
In the air prepare for my daughters
Beware when they cross ya, head's in the courtyard
Tryna escape, eh-eh-eh

(Hook) 2x

[Killah Priest]
I have tortures exclusive for witches and liars
Blasphemous, homosexuals, I pull out the pliers
I heat 'em up in the fire
But now it's your turn since you claim you a writer
I perform rap torture, breast ripper
Look what my raps offer, who's ya best spitter?
Saw torture, it's war, make 'em nauseous

Slaying my iron maiden, I design for plague men
You praying, I ain't playing, the Virgin
I'm numbered, spikes on every wall
Hear their screams up the halls
Or when I'm sliding bodies in the morgue
Next, the Spanish tickler
The style is vicious cuz, or anything in particular
Oh, the Flagellation whisperer
Real torture, baby this
Young that, little this, I'll bought ya
Execution in my texts of music for ya
Look at me, look at Lucifer
I'm in foot roasting, for niggas boasting
Steak burning, take turns turning
Me and Walter in the Thumbscrew torture
Crucifix crosses, crocodile scute
Who wanna battle? I'm the New Yorker, a wild dude

(Hook) 2x

Medieval raps nigga, that's right
It's not hip-hop, it's castle hop