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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Confession Booth
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
I split atoms, crack codes, took rap to a plateau
Did everything with words but never got the plaque yo
Big Pun won best "Rap of the Year"
I gave 'em dap, we both cheered
Said I shoulda got the "Rap of the Atmosphere"
Pun showed me love, both of our missiles were scuds
By the time Nas talked that pistol and glove
By the time Pac was official the Thug
He showed me love, he told me his favorite was...
Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth (B.I.B.L.E.)
He told me he loved GZA's verse
I just took it and smirked
RZA was convinced I had something powerful
Rhymes full of rocket fuel, put me on the 'Gravediggaz'
Got mad when I ain't spazz on the lyrics
Fuck it, give that one to Bazz
I never had feelings
Knowing what I could do with the #2 pencil
Knew I was invincible, I pretend to play cool
Told Ra I didn't really want it
I was cool just being a fan; "Liquid Swords" was coming
Judge wisely, Basic Instruction, my introduction, it's on

I signed to Geffen, my girl got pregnant
My mind's the weapon, designed as a message
Implemented my life lessons
What sparked "Heavy Mental" was very simple
Its what I been thru, nothing to pretend to
When GZA snatched me, I was looking like one of the Isley's
Staff beside me, braids, never grew a beard, looking weird
But when I write Brooklyn disappeared
I sought thru seven stratospheres
God idea's, assault rhymes
The last thru millennium years
Him and RZA claimed me up, Tray gave me my first cut
I use to kill rappers used to lay in the cut
I traded the bucks from breaking them up
Gave me Mathematics on top of Israelite books
When I rap the underground shook
Met a foe, Canibus, now I can admit
That when we battled we was throwing planets
I was shocked for no man could withstand a gigantic gift
We met later as 'Horsemen', we begin to talking
Bring Ras Kass from a whole another orbit
Kurupt, beat them beats up, now the 'Sunz of Man'

Like all great crews, the things we gon' go thru
Just a part of the music biz, we all paid dues
Problems with egos and listen to too many people
Yesterday that's your man, tomorrow it's legal
The thing that bugged me up we was just getting started
Barely finished the project
To be honest I didn't appreciate y'all picking Priest to be the target
Everything said in darkness came out of the closet
Though I never shouted out a comet cuz I'm out in the cosmic
So in my house there's conflict
I got the brothers their first deal
Kat Jones was the backbone of just keeping it real
Shabazz left, P and Razah was cool
Me and 60 was old school
Marvin Gaye tapes, Stevie Wonder greats
Al Green the moments, Earth, Wind & Fire remakes
But than when shit didn't work out
Brothers blamed the Clan
Man, we had to stand up and be our own man
It wasn't the Clan fault that we was at a halt
It's because brother didn't wanna revolt
I wanna chill, make more music
But than here we got with this deja vu shit, plain stupid
But we still all brothers, it's all love, I have no doubts
Cuz every other day... the sun might come out