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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Dead
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light)

"It is a time when Magic is more powerful than Science,
and only those who control the Magic, control destiny.
They are the Visionaries."

"Visionaries, Knights of the Magical Light,
Visionaries, with Magical Powers they fight.
Powers of mind, strength, skill, 'n' speed.
Powers to accomplish the greatest of deeds.
Visionaries, Knights of the Magical Light."

[Killah Priest]
Killers with assault rifles, street or cult rivals
One clique called "The Hogs", other's called "Disciples"
Animosity flavor the air, tasted raw beef
Seasoned with wrong reason, the heat will flare
He let it cook for 380 degrees, .9mm's will squeeze
Those with no jewels found their nose in the soup
They handling cheese, full of holes
That's what they do to rat's tails in the trap
Pulling hammers, some get nailed with the pack in jail
They meet the cat, squeeze ya gat

Yeah, he's dead
Two to the head
The street's not fair
No love loss, no last here
Bring me back some dutches
And the 40 & beer soon as shorty appear

[Killah Priest]
You see cat name "Big Shoe"
Kept a nine off the safety while watching the news
About these two dudes he knew
Black and Scott, damn they got knocked
By this undercover cop
Yeah I remember it now
Scott told me how it was gon' go down
Said he knew the bitch was a cop
Had the nine in a box
But after they plot
They gon' have that bitch popped
His girl said he was stupid
Told her if she ever left 'em he would lose it
A rough knock at the door
He got in the position as he was shooting
It's his homeboy, said "Damn you scared me"
Open up nigga, niggas just aired P
In downstairs now doin' u'wees
Fuck that, drop the nine and grabbed the Uzi


[Killah Priest]
The nigga Conan knocked out a horse on the fall for New York
That was the hood talk
That was like '87, Reagan had the destine
Streets still tryna adjust in
Little Bart use to walk around with two mac's
Sit in the park, vines would spark
He gave a few daps to Mark
Restless and peace
Every nigga who walk on the streets who wanna compete
Selling drugs cuz the world won't show 'em no love
And there's a God above us please hug us
Cuz they won't show us no justice
Please show ya face, we could all relate
The caskets and addicts
The hood takes a shape of a demon face (Damn!)
Dirty bastards, we got about six years on the street
Before we hurled in by police
Fuck it, we gon' hurl them in and the Beast