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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Drama
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
The journey, peninsulas, states of a cruel emperor
Pay ya tax or axes from the Knights Templar
The Anglo-Saxon of rapping, for me it gets extraneous
Men to trust, put ya ear to my paper while my pen discuss
The silent fall of a righteous kingdom
The cries of freedom
The scare speech of the boy king
Would the crowd receive 'em?
The nervous Senator
Would the people believe 'em?
The government getting dressed ready to deceive 'em
The lost and found
Let us bury treasures in the ground
Empire's sack, behead 'em with the crown
The Wilson sisters all of 'em drown
The picture shows the image of a man leaving the swamp
Towards an old Church
That said, where ghost ones haunt
The kid writing his lyrics guided by spirits
God like appearance in armor, so light ya ganja
The persona of the music is horror
When I write it's an honor, it conjures drama...

It conjures drama... (echo)
Drama... (echo)
It's drama... (echo)

I came back to where rap was first prosecuted
Made merciless music
More ruthless with murderers influence
But with a smooth kick
That in Church boy can groove with
So light up the L's
I build thunder in the skies over hell
And the oceans for the lost souls to go in
When a hot coals take over their skin
The Omen's approaching
One Savior, one slogan
One prayer, one potion
I'm in his layer, the slayer
Here comes this goatman
What type of life is this for a made star?
My A&R wishes to see me in the graveyard
The president of rap music put me in his radar
Hire goons to start shooting, but I'm a quasar
Priest is smarter, if we kill 'em, he'll just be a martyr
My leg kneel, better take words aligning my chakras
Tried to get me like Michael Jackson
A disciple of rapping, lyrics spin and slide
We'll walk a psycho with passion
Comma, contrast, Contra, dondra 
Drugs, llamas, tundra, it's drama...

It's drama... (echo)

The Beast within eat at my skin
Come out of my flesh, break thru my neck
But what? The Beast has something lurking in him
It searches thru his limbs, it tears thru his fur
It glances at the Earth, but what lies inside of IT
Is something worst 
It comes out of his hooves
Than runs in the woods
Holding his stomach cuz his lungs feel full
Than it howls like the wolves
It burst open, here comes the ShoGun
I saw the piece to show men
He's golden, deep, speaks words exploding
Black ho's are born, wind-pool's form
Meteor storms, Mars grows corn
Monster man throw blows than grows horns
My words are tetrahydrocannabinol
Your brain's the sword, I plant in you all
Chew feel the mouth like cannon balls
I shoot at ya insanity walls
All ya vanity, humanity falls
It's just some thoughts for the marijuana
Just some payback for ya comma
A shell to protect ya armor
I just call it drama....

Drama... (echo)
It's drama... (echo)
I just call it drama
Drama... (echo)
I write drama
What made 'em write like this?
It's drama... (echo)
What made 'em make beats like this?
What makes 'em rock like this?
I hold the mic like this! What!?!
It's drama... (echo)
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