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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   The God Within
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
When I write I take the day
Pull it thru night, make the Earth explode
Than bring it back as globe
There's light, scrolls unfold, rivers reverse
I picture the verse, first
When it's complete, its' from concrete
And the streets are deeper than universe
But still around me, gunshots, train stops
And one cop, who hates my guts
So many pages that I've written my fingers developed paper cuts
Number stores, the stray dogs who chase the bus
Tickets in hands of old women who pray for luck
But one eye will finesse my craft
Usually you can see a graft
Hovering the unknown, the tones
Light enters my bedroom, my pupils were red
When I looked up from my pad
Save the Lost Tribe from apartheids
That's you and I
More than the nation that the brothers hold up on that sign on that cardboard
This is what I rep God for
To all y'all next with a sharp sword
Bright words from the dark Lord
Now let's start war

You can see my notebook is my confession booths
Since my youth, all my corrections, fire loops
My connections with the truth
My life, my stories
Holy water, OG talk of Walter, the author
Rise in glory, from being nailed to the pages, ageless
I'm immortal to rap, how you atheist from facts?
I'm living proof, feel my wombs thru the booth
Relax, resurrections, the sun behind the moon from the roof
I gave y'all parables, incomparable, unimaginable
Hannibal upon an animal, the Mazateen, the Manateniam
Millennium, equilibrium, it's equal to lithium
Ether, either I'm eager to show you I'm deeper than any of them
When my spirit hand reach for the pen
It's God's body, I'm God soul, finding the God that's within