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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   How Much
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Providence of the bad guy, Mob bosses
The street gangsters let the corpse fly
Over the corpse cover with flies
Minister bribes the wives
Sinister smile with lies
In this drug trade benevolence is ki
King - drops the medicines
No evidence from D's, everything else is capable
Unless it's inescapable
Bad days, we'll make it thru
Never hesitate, the street will resonate
The guns will detonate
The fake and the snake
The hood will legislate
The letters to the states
Or the goons under the moons
Ramen noodle platoons
Half gorilla, half baboon
Tattoos paint the skin
The hood sanctioning
Crook dudes and Satan comes again

How much do we really know?
Streets is busy yo
Anti or pro?
Which way we go?
The question or the answer?
Shit is serious as cancer
I'm just telling you yo

[Killah Priest]
Digital thugs in hieroglyphical slugs in the pictures we love
The internet respect or blood, download, pounds of dro
Compact gats and rounds of blow
Recorder of the slaughter bullets hold the footage
D's scan the faces in their booklets
Before they start booking
Child outlet, was Malcolm X house arrest?
Now his heart beats outside of his chest
My verse is holy water that I'm dousing
On hands of ascended gangsters 
My pen's the painter, words in the chamber
Wind blow cold over the souls of hot head
Shots is spread on those phony
Some are locked or get dead, over doe homie