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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Jacob Never Died
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
From being led thru the desert naked and desperate for water
The Lord is my Sheppard, destined for order
But we are his sheeple
Protect us from the wolves or lector tryna do us evil
Never read the Bible for survival
All I know is rivals grab rifles
Despiteful, or disciples are God work
I read Proverbs, for knowledge I starve and thirst
Deal with the sun and the moon, and the stars a third
On the curb puffing herb
Nah I puff a verse, get drunk off this word
I observe spiritual things; I've seen Israel in my dreams
Come true as I succumb to, in a lesson what a blessing
Learned from Timbuktu, or King Tut's tomb
In the Just schools, from the Noah to the three sons
This the reason, Shem, Ham, and Japheth
Now open up the tablets the origins from Shem
Peleg, I look in the mirror everyday
Look at ya self; this is what the artist had felt

Solomon dies, his kingdom splits
One tribe take to the sea in ships
The other say near Egypt, occupy the land
Till their grand's had grand's
While on the other hand
The one who said self have a new plan
Forgot the old way of the Lord, the Covenant
The other children grew up in it
To 70 AD the reign of Titus advance crew ships invaded with the army
Weapons and navies, killing women and babies
Causing Solomon's offspring to flee deeper into Africa
After the massacre, they went to Zimbabwe and Mozambique
Seen an ocean fleet that cause commotion on their beats
Where the Roman Priest held us across, lives were lost
That's after the divine force, they quickly desperado to Morocco
Where they developed other God gold, also when Allah rose
Check my bar flows
Were they shocked when Solomon's children shot 'em and killed 'em
Lots of 'em pilgrims
Fought millions of miles under storm clouds
Where they met these peoples calling themselves Indians
Never reminisce, look at each other eyes and forgot when
Prophecies from old, remember you was told
From the voices of the scrolls, lost souls