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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Let Us Pray
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Yeah, Priest-hood!

[Killah Priest]
At night the sky form over my hood like a kufi
I'm carving letters all of 'em my Uzi
Bitch with the fat booty name Judy
Just left her boutique moonlight shines over her beauty
Bounce off the jury
Every night is like a scene straight out of a movie
It's like everyday somebody's reading the paper
Somebody's reading the eulogy
Far different from the streets elders use to see
But anyway back to the seeming desert
The heaven sent of the plant treasures
Unfamiliar pleasures
Where a fiend play the part of the peasants
Five-percent lessons play the part of the Shepherds
We the sheep need deep
But if they knew most of us are really predators in our essence
Lower the weapon, AK's and SK's, Saviours' Day
The saints, thugs on Church walls, now let us pray

Let us pray
Let us pray
Let us pray
Let us pray
Let us pray

[Killah Priest]
Now move out the way, let the saints pass
Seen the picture on the cylinder
The temple with stained glass
Till the enemy's urn with ash
Light candles under their pic as we burn hash
Learned fast, windows down, when the car turns, blast
Drive-bys, eyes wide shut, we survived
Not African tribes in huts, we died for pride
Bullets will touch, yes! Bitch shut the fuck up
Just ride the clutch, king vibe
Prophesize is the demise of Tut
Mummified money for bribes
Country, fly to hide wives, big shit
Head price is vexed, extortion and hits
Coffins are lifted
Bosses and corpses are found in the ditch
Drown, pounds of piff, head and eyes down
I'm just coming up, white nose after they sniff


[Killah Priest]
Gang related, slang debated, nickel-plated
Pistol waving, he a apostille of Satan
Crystal is jaded, a fistful blazing
The secrecy keeps amazing
Secrets of my imaginations
Spinning animation, under the canvas, they're awaiting
My reawakening, still funny my girl's cheating on me
Bubbles in my stomach and one's sneaking on me
She's a freak, she's alone and she's horny
I fall asleep; I see a boner in orgies
Insecurities, impurities
React furiously, compulsive disorders
Witch torture, big Torah, Rosh Hashanah
Lit the menorah, God aura
I'm flying disc or saucer, over my head
With the crack, Ghetto Jezuz miracles
Turn rocks into bread, shots at the head
Duck it, got up, it's nothing
God gangsta, a rebel, I'm ready
For devils on all levels and pagans
I'm brazing sickles, amen, patient