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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Murdah Murdah at Dawn
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Priest talking)
Whaddup Woool?
Yeah, they don't know nuttin bout this war shit
It's Priest nigga! Woool whaddup?

[Killah Priest]
Test 'em, tear drops, violent times of war
Hell or love? Bones crush silently
Flesh pierced from swords
Heads roll over rose petals
Horse stands on hind legs
Here come the hero, old rebels come in brigades
Nine's sprayed thru champagne bottles
The boy, man and the slave follows
Cartels wave the ammo, no angle's hollows
Apostles drop thru wood floors
The rope on their neck stop their fall
Victory for all
The ghoul, whorish harlots
Above the stars zips
I pan down to the projects
A murdah in progress, it's heartless
Words bounce off the tongue, unload the cartridge
Monsters, the widow beats on they chest
Weaves those killers from the worlds beyond the flesh
Statue stands naked, a ball in his palm
Over the pawn, the silencers whisper murdah at dawn

It goes murdah murdah, kill kill kill
Suicide notes, lines of coke in the bill
Street life, live like a warrior, grab the steel
But you know that the Gods always build

[Killah Priest]
Posted up attractable niggas
Durable guns like action figures
With threats that's loose on they tongues
Destruction with long strath that hang
Gats in they pants
With a stance like they belong in the frame
Eyes scrolling up the blocks looking for cops
Wild niggas holding their glocks
Gambling niggas blowing they guap
Smart niggas know when to stop
Rechargeable niggas popping up after some years
Did five in the tier
Strong words he let it hold in the ear
So many menus of holes he been thru
Streets continue
Just some jewels for your mental


[Killah Priest]
Amongst the heart that wears coats of larcenies
Arms that squeeze
CAT-Scans a different brands of weed
Gangsters paradise, palms of green
Investigate a murdah weapon
Detective burn his injection
Infected the hood with wide spectrum
No suspects, the rest, just a blood on the dress
Polygraph, analysts took the handprints of death
Lie detectors, scanners in the eye retina
Shootouts with cops fleeing with the cash register
Clouds of letters spell W'A'R'
Bullets shatter the arm
Gunmen lingers, the hood looks like the battle in Nam
Priest look like the Pharaoh turned God


("Spiral Zone" cartoon theme song)

"Surrender, or pay the consequences!"

"Earth's most powerful soldiers, are earth's l-ast chance
Against the Spiral Zone!"

"Darkness...ha-as fallen...on the victims...of the zone...
Our world...calls for courage...peace and freedom...we must own..."