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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Real Rap Shit
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
The Priest writes like Shakespeare on dope tryptamine
Acid tablets, unfocus when I wrote this sixteen
The savage graphics, display his madness
Heads full of stars and planets
Eyes and mouths shoot lasers and beams upon the canvas
Rappers beware, the Mantinian
Customize rhyme in his hardrive
Above the dark skies, open up his archives
His bars provide, I hang words up in ya dome
My chair becomes a throne
I snatch ya body out of ya bones
Body of God, so big I can't fit in a Mosque
I can't fit in a Synagogue
My head is the galaxy, my center is Mars
My pen's the Milton Bradley, fun pool
For thugs and goons to play in
Happy 12-gauge and mac-10's, telescopes
With the photography film
I spit that artistry flam
Rap gats snap shots
A biblical rose and prophecy lens

This that real shit
That real shit
Shalom ock
I spit that real shit
This that real shit
That real rap, that real shit

[Killah Priest]
It's like Demerol, write rhymes my skin will crawl
Light's dim, sweat roll from my chin will fall 
A sweat pool of jewels
Work the pencil like a tool
Black faces, white cloth
Brothers from the Synagogue
Pause, Jesus on Ecstasy pills
A hydro-prophecy electro endorphins released thrills
Spill cringe up his grill
Spread love or shed blood
Lead buss, red flood
Twelve thousand characters in my mind barium
My mental have flesh
Words are the swords from the stone poem
A T-Rex caliber, Doctor Mindbender 
My nurse squirts the syringes as she entered
The surgeon emerging, latex glove
When do I begin? Rhymes elevate the child world
Curious kid, mind of Priest
Mysterious rhymes increase
Pyramids designed in the East
Lines get deep, ever learning playhouse with the gauge out
Stars implode and explode
Take ya hoody off ya forehead with doubts


[Killah Priest]
Ya style is machine washed and dried
Extra cycles for you wack writing dudes
Fabric softer and dyed
Cut off his thigh, hang 'em outside
All y'all niggas is wack now
No cheerleading in the background
Backhand smack you clowns
Who wanna get down?
See I'm King like the Emperor of Beijing
Who put his words up in the solar-screen
I'm what the lion told his cub those were dreams
Orion rhyming Osiris papyrus
Pilot brush soon as the King eyes shut
The volcano Priest erupts
Woool hook up the beat
Now I'm making some more, after hip-hop death
The resurrection, the future blows out his breath
I spit, split morgues into two
Skeleton rapping in veteran's jacket
With medals and badges
Bad medicine, reaction, the pills don't work
From the hills I lurk
From the fields they search
Life after life, feel these verse


[Killah Priest]
Man, fuck y'all, Sir Lancelot plots is flop
I'm Arthurian with glocks, my bars are barium
The Barbarian, move, watch this smooth alien in clots
Shock you swim in aquarium with shark
Watch the thick glass, bitch ass!
Reach for the mic and get ya wrist slashed
Psychic doctrine, spit with Solomon oxygen
Purple seasoned with olive skin
The virtual of Jesus is what I follows in
Stand like Giza, invade like Ottomans
Aura from the Torah
Horror from Walter make me the Killah Priest with ya head to offer
Light the Menorahs, sprinkle the waters
Sťance from the graveyard
The grey shark crayons, clay chalk
Days are dark, write a flow that'll enlighten the globe
It's raining; you seem to hate fire bowls
And one flaming soul, it's Priest
The mystique of a Beast with the mic when he writes
He's the light; he can burn any emcee you know


Man, can't deal with the God, u'no'I'mean?
Line for line, yeah, it's that real shit
Yeah, it's what y'all wanna see right?
You wanna just see me spaz out on the mic
Uh, yeah, it's time to get 'em, let's go!