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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Sword Clan
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
The path of peace, the Jedi saga continues
Gangsta ganja and criminals, he drinks his white tea
Olefine, brain chemicals and out of God is identical
He takes it to the pendulum, since his pen begun
The super saying in the youth of great men
He was slaying, he start praying, ate men
Galactic Guardian rap, what you charging for tracks?
I wear my heart and my axe, my art is black
I'm like a character out of Marvel
We are DC, old model, he's remarkable
Between two pillars of marble
Delta Probe One, the ShoGun
A bow tongue, than throw raps like daggers for fun
Y'all try to get me, all y'all from Toy land
Y'all Milton Bradley brands
All y'all stance are coming for the hood Grammy
Along with my Sword Clan

Along with my Sword Clan
Along with my Sword Clan

A dark side, seeing when it's dark skies
He wears the disguise, the lotus flower buds
Taking his blood, power from above
Bow down, cross my legs, Indian style
In a pow-wow, the thunder dance
Meditate, talk to Magneto and Professor X
Y'all world's last chance
Telepathy like from the mind of Stan Lee
My strength in the comic world is like family
Your pix sticks of style of rap is weak
Try another technique
The angel and the beast
The seven hundred angles from the Priest

I'm the life maker, the life taker
The incubator and the cremator
The ink on paper till it extinct to vapor
Trap rappers in my cosmic cube
Fuck Rubix, that dude was a fool
There's a shape that I twist that you never thought exist
Shape-shifter transcend to self-awareness
Out of me came the beyonder
Stars and planets and continents
Repeat at rapid speed
God doesn't bless the tree
But the seas, the seeds make the roots
The roots make the tree
The trees give off fruit
The fruit give off breeds
That's different juice, the mic give off oxygen
Now y'all can breath
Golden age, the diamond age
I take y'all to a new rhyming phase
See the heroes in the Halls of Justice
All over the walls with mics and clutches