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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   To Be King
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Alien abduction, crack pipe seduction
His weed lip proceed to see shit for telling what's coming
Malachi York talk, see Pale horses running
Gray clouds gather over slave, child, and master
Dickies cap turn to a crown, royal pen fell
Laid down this chapters
Red carpet hurling from God hands
Out of heaven's projects, 900 worlds before me
It's no objects, (nope)
My six inner eyes foresee so cosmic
My heart beats outside of my chest
To be king these fools, to be lied on my death
God energy hides in my breath
I spit, see divinity colliding with flesh
I speak jewels after diamonds are pressed
Inside my skulls are all the bodies of Orion compressed
Now come bless

(Hook) 2x
To be king - the child, his death, his glory
To be king - the word of mouth, the texts, the story

[Killah Priest]
My bars artery bleeds photography
See the artistry in galleries of galaxies and odyssey
Unroll the scrolls of dark prophecies
On top of black gothic pew
Reporting crimes that shift the globe
Priest, the fallen rise, his Book of Job
They said toxins finally took his toll
But look behold
I take you on a Brooklyn stroll
A street kid to a king in robe
Since a shorty throwing dreams I hold
I'm having strange diagnoses when I'm writing hopeless
I focus, rhymes are drug, potion potent
I fill my blood with a dosage
I see cop cars clapping at convicts, in hot pursuits
Niggas shooting burners and hiring prostitute
High heels, dark corners, Timb boots
Dealer with lots of loot
Demon in amour suits
Houses, barnyards fill with militia groups
I also see a thousand palaces in the sky
My third-eye unchain a phoenix bird, fly
I see hundred of prophets in my conscious
Reaching for my palm thru a fence
Than read the psalm, you a prince

(Hook) 2x

[Killah Priest]
My rap's a bad poof for baptizing gangstas as old school
Niggas and killas, rocking gold jewels
Visual pro-tools, tryptamine, sixteen
Xanax, hands a sketch, orbit trip
Hieroglyphs across ya eye lids screens
Livest kings, rise of the machine
The Manatee, gold body
Volts run thru us, Pope's Godly
His heart beats like God walk thru the streets
The three Killah P trilogy
Stoneheart of Mozart, flow's dark
Blows wizardry, gold frames
Flow on the stained glasses, break it into fragments
On this canvas from the carving of the dragon
Blasting the futuristic model magnum
The hollow's atom, the Red Sea under red sky
The Blood King, Young Jedi
The fire and the blood rise
Shoot outs his eyes and his mouth
Devour all, power fall from the outer laws of the universe
I shoot a verse, bring down his walls
Spread the flower for his morgue