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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Trapped
Typed by: OOBE

[Killah Priest]
To laugh, to cry, to have lived once and have died
A thousand times inside of gallons of wine
To have rose from the dead with a rose on ya head
With dirt you smirk, wiping off ya shirt
To fallen asleep to warring under sheets
To having lifemares with real people trying holding you beneath
It's right here, To you needing the Priest
Preacher pastor or prophet or pistol
Prayer words catapult above the candle light
As the stem fizzles above the sharing wombs
They sharing rooms to separated when they were in the tombs
Do the Stars talk to each other above us?
Or are they just exploding? We need a God to hug us
The paranormal, Psychic Evaluation
Small alphabets on the valiums I'm taking
Lost souls run to that black mountain escaping
The Dark Lord Sith on the spitten rhymes
To the world could adapt, I feel trapped, I feel trapped...

The flesh shell can excel
Only inhale and exhale to death impales
The zombie of darkness losing conscience - Tunnelvision
He's lungs slow, he listens to angels your body angled and stiffened
Shell hatched, cosmic seed is risen to Godly prison
Don't get it right we back to the feeble position
Then is the fetus submission, thugs & Christians
From baldheaded and wet to spanking to a blanked
To a name it, to train it, to game it, to sustain it
To anguish the famous the nameless
To water drawing up to raining
It's the figure eight till we get it straight
The S shape to connect to the opposite way
The number 8 double ciphers
What's troubling the writer?
Fears Illusion, prepared you in confusion
What's my conclusion or what's the solution?
Real music! Take the heartbeat and loop it!
Autotune all the moons put the pro-tools
Put the mic to the sun, sing vocals
See the world can adapt, no escaping, I feel trapped...