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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Elizabeth
Song:   Truth (Turn Off the Radio)
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
My life's a great witness to bitches and physics and mystics
Not to seem superstitious or too religious
Over great vengeance, but it seems like my pains was endless
So called-friends that I befriended
Stabbed me in the back with poisonous fixes
I heard this lady say "It's our pre-born choices we experience"
So what's the decision and what's with the discovered urges?
One without water purges
Body inflames of discomfort
I'm too young for dumb whores but I want more
The battles inside, dust devils of bad luck ghettos
Twirling towards me, impels the pressure of mama's lecture
Coulda made my world end, the toxins were black as coffee
I take medicine for my Medisin
Nothing with ephedrine, deep where the spirits caught me

Turn off ya tv
Turn off ya radio
Turn off ya tv
Turn off ya radio
Turn off everything

[Killah Priest]
Power the crime; I fall seven-thousand times
Haters doubted from behind, angels shouted when I rise
Cuz I'm suppose to shine
Those demons that coulda had me, surpassed me
God grabbed me, my darkest moments were approaching
I had to remain focused or wind up with the Jones' or homeless
Or a tombstone with my name inscripted
When bad luck called I spoke in other languages
As painful as it gets, I'm on top of a Topanga cliff
Stretching my arms for angels to lift
Surrounded by the atheist and told me...
"Curse God and die", maybe mama hands me a rope for suicide
And gave me a gun of tongue, said you decide
Tied, hung, fried or crucified
What? Good! Let them all leave
I'll crawl on my knees but now it's all me
I found strength, eternity in the dreams I dreamt
Went to sleep a man, but in the morning a king that lift
The coon effect, sits in the womb of brother fly, caterpillar
The math of Killah, from a stomach, half butterflies
But now I'm back, to hover where I demise
Y'all had me trapped, but now y'all suffer inside
Blow with the dust where my wings flap, step back