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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Black Rose Kartel, Kavalier
Album:  View From Masada
Song:   Live by the Gun
Typed by: ThaMasta@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Hook: Kavalier]
Live by the gun, die by the sword then (x7)

[Killah Priest]
I see demons in the atmosphere
Gats appears out of nowhere
Blood and crips be thuggin it
Niggas be lovin that shit
Bustin they guns to that shit 
Look at shorty over there
On the street corner, packin heat on him
Better warm em, bout to be dead soon
I saw the sign in a red room
Nervous, what's our purpose?
So many churches asked the reverend
Do blacks get to go heavens
Pack da gat for Armageddon
Mac-11, know where headin
Selling crack since seven
B.C., L.K., Neatha
From Bushwick to Bed-Stuy
Got my momma on her knees by her bedsides
A man walked in with a suit and a necktie

[Chorus: Kavalier]
Falling from heaven in hell, spending our days
Asking for Christ to come, and change our ways 
Cold in the night chasing the light 
O Father forgive us for what we done to you

Mind slippin, gotta focus 
What you think I was, in and out when I wrote this 
Coming from a race of people that's hopeless, copeless
Things seem like they never change, it's strange man
It's like the night brings, pain afflicting my brain
Damn man, trying to maintain, my my my composure
Puffing on dosher, feel like the hearts getting colder
Black P stone solider knows ya, follow ya then fold ya hold ya
Uh, if you chose to bang with me hang
With me do ya thang with me, but I see angels see
Flying through my mind crying doing time

[Judas Maccabee]
Dear Father, forgive me for what I done
Live by the gun die by the gun
Screaming bloody murdah, murder and more murder
Red rum red rum
Monster like Coby
You don't know me I'm a O.G.
You try to pop me I'm a pop you
Ready to die bitch
Ready to die too


[Nikki Bonds]
North, South, Midwest, West, East Coast
Wherever I go keep the heat close
Got some .45 slugs make a nigga eat those
If not leave a nigga with some deep holes
Throws his body in a deep hole
Never fuck with no creep hoes
Rose Kartel staring in street show
Find me layed back sitting in a E-420
With 20 grand in the truck, hand on the pump
Ready to dump on any man for a lump
Acting like a bitch, is you a man or a chump?
Many niggas stood in the quicksand and they sunk
Nikki Bonds, Rose Kartel, Killah Priest
Masada rose be the sheik from the Middle East
Swinging a double edge sword trying to stay the beast
Swinging a double edge sword trying to stay the beast


[Hook x7]

Father forgive us...