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Artist: Killah Priest f/ [unknown guest]
Album:  View From Masada
Song:   Maccabean Revolt (Interlude)
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[unknown guest]
Ha, Killah Priest, Daddy Rose
Same Rose, ABG, Rose Cartel, what?
'99, what? The beginnin of the innovating
Yo, gon' take you there
Yo, yea... Yo, ugh, ugh...

Same Rose, I throw the chrome in your knot
Same dude known for runnin in spots, bustin the glock
I'm runnin the block, flippin quarters of rock
On transports that's cops, who smuggle pounds on the yacht
Blowin rounds from the pound 'til its hot
When it's nice I'm blowin town in a drop
Killah Priest hold me down with the wop
Disrespect, we let the silencers pop
Snitch niggaz get found in the lot for tryin to take us
Supposed to be our man, switch sides like cross-faders
The Source hate us, we toss shit like hot potatoes
Think I got The Vapors, diseased thoughts prayin nations
Resorts me to layin fakers, we turn it up in this game
I'm gettin buck in this game, we sippin rum on the rocks
Gettin dumb on the block, it's the haters who clock
Make me double with shots, yea this money I watch
Keep me rubbin my glock, like it's burnin my crotch
Still I turn to the knots, no I'm runnin with plot
If I run in your spot, aim invisible dots at the tip of your knot

Yo, same Rose, Killah Priest, Daddy Rose
ABG, Maccabees, Rose Cartel
P stone riders, ugh, we in this bitch!