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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Offering
Song:   Essential
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

The night's a dark lord well dressed seducing our sun
Upon the dawning of her full day he usually would come
Galloping upon his winged horse
Leaving trails of stars across the planet the night scene of New York
Comes to life with lights pubs clubs with thugs
Mobsters gangsters criminals dealers with drugs
Loud music crowds are moving up and down blocks
In and out of spots cops watch for a foul shooting
So how we moving my soul scour through the clouds
Where the moon ah sit
Like the wise owl searching through a gloomy mist
6 will bring a casket down to its tomb
Another child gets pushed through the uterus
From the womb we're intuitive
Eternal peace or damnation depending what we do with it
A genius or a lunatic
A general or a fugitive it's essential...


IT'S ESSENTIAL to be a man of your word
Take care of your seeds
To the young kids honor your mother

The greedy night is full of demon smiles
And every hustler wear horns
And every fiend comes from the ground
The FBI got satellite radars screening our child
Jacking off to our chaos the beast get aroused
There's another world with under bosses rich not into flossing
Put hits on certain lawmen
Who pick who runs for office
If they switch then the guns are brought in
Who parted with professional ball players with big endorsements
Who love to trick on hoes that sniff blow in bathroom toilets
They alcoholics go through mad divorces
See their wives in the papers with half their fortune
Then there's the mob leaving tips a hundred bucks at the bar
Big spenders around the dealers shuffling cards
Evil laughter puffing cigars
In a room full of goons tats cover their bullet wounds
Rats are pulled from lagoons
Mexican mob doing shots of tequila live niggas
Throwing up knots in their pictures
With gang signs at the same time
If crack was awards and could frame 9s
You would have plaques and coke scale and money stacks
But there's another party with Presidents CIA intelligence
The federal defense Executives with the Aliens Iraqis and Israelians
And by the time of my demise the one who talk to Cain shall rise
The second time while Abel blood rains from the skies
And who knows where my soul will fly I'm near a cemetery
On top of a dark hillside it's essential...


Everything's ESSENTIAL
To the single black mothers who handling business
always about their paper and doing their numbers
To the youth out there...
be a soldier
take care of yours
keep it health
always keep a clear mind
look at the world in front of you

Snow fills the night air, as the wind throws her thick white hair
Across her face icicles appear fall from space
Like tears white frost light flakes
I'm with my peers remorse at the wakes
So many cats I know I lost his way
Sprayed up by bullets I'm in my Woolrich
We cross them graves my man spoke mad hoarse from pain he said
"Yo Priest, just think of what lost today"
The city lights look like the ice around a rich man's wrist
Where every hustler big dreamer prays it grants them a wish
By myself right off the belt till hit the Van Wyck
Cruising jigsaw my thoughts I need a plan to exist
Should I get on it like them Cuban Guerillas?
Fly to their country make a truce with their killers
Move in a villa
I come with few of my niggas they come with theirs
We politic on struggle and social affairs while toasting beers
My man had cunning ideas to get rich with mobsters
But what if it didn't prosper?
Look what they did to Hoffa
My feet buried in the sand out in Nicaragua
Or on a cruise out to Venezuela
On a ship with a pool designer clothes and expensive tailors
Sipping cappuccino favorite flavor is French vanilla
Exotic foods catching shrimps no more menace failure
The Offering is the movie my others albums were just trailers
I can't hardly sit through the news watching fictional tool
Political views the sky is dark as the original Jews
Subliminal clues left in the hieroglyphs
Where the ancient empires exist
Walk inside the cliffs in Cairo read papyruses
On a wall full of gaul of Judas the disciple's kiss
At the last supper nowadays it's the microchip in the skull
My survival kit is a rifle clip