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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Offering
Song:   The Offering (Intro)
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Priest sighs)

This is it huh? (Greetings?)
The Offering which you was telling me about?
What are they brining?

Their candles are lit, they walk in burning incense sticks
Holding their camels' head low while presenting their gift
(Your offering sir)
Exotic animals, perfumed oils, gold for the Prince
For the King dynasties your faced carved out a cliff
"Well done!"
I do the honors and call all you friends
In this ceremony of peace, here's the Priest Offering

Shootouts, drugs, liquor stores, broken projects 
Where niggas jet... D's predict a war, I jog up my steps
I hear "Freeze! nigga hit the floor!" A yard from my rest
I drop my keys, someone clicked the door, I jumped in the apartment
I swear my heart left that time I dodged death
I said "God Bless"
Salute the gamblers, one shuffled up a card deck
Ran in the room, dice game going on
Ice chain, folded arms
Niggas in a cipha one dude low
Throw them bones across the floor 'cause my thoughts of wars
Is going fast, I ran in, frantic, panic, damage,
I paint Sanskrit across my canvas, outlandish
Watch the constellations take shape
My conscious elevate like binoculars
Eye on the great space probing along the face of the deep
To below on Earth where the cops chases the creeps and the thieves
"Priest lead us out of hell like Moses"
Pass the snakes, all the vultures, the Greek sculptures
On the court buildings, chalk ceilings with cross revealings
The Lost Children they keep oppressing us this the Exodus
Cops arresting us so press your luck
Peace and togetherness forever kids
Imperative we free our heritage flee from the devilish and habitat
Black on black crimes and crack 9s we clap
They cuff your wrist behind your back
The ghettos infested with drugs and police
A wino with no teeth rose and said "Priest, go preach!"
He had flames in his eyes, told me it wasn't from wine
Opened his arms then showed me his signs then read my mind
Said yea I look familiar you saw me when you stared in the mirror
Drop off his dusty blanket
And what was standing there was a King's ancient royal robes
With diamonds and rubies, God's beauty, life's truly a blessing
In my essence (Priest) I slide the lid back off my coffin

This happens often before I started speaking, I start coughing
Then I said I'm back with another classic called the Offering
It started storming and hailing
The church start reeling the preacher falling over the pew
Peep another view I'm writing lyrics while fighting spirits they poking pitchforks
A hooker lip gloss smears on my cheek she threw her kiss off
While trying to stick a dagger through the Priest
Beyond the offering see the elephants come in
This is the offering

It starts off I used to finger paint While in class
The teacher sorted me to see a shrink, 'cause my craft
Was sorta different from the other students for instance when I would color
I would cut my finger smear the blood to describe a slain hustler
The painted brothers was seen in my drawing then that got boring
Then I moved to pictures with glitter on glue
A book of rhymes of street niggas I knew roasting
My brain's turning on the spit slow motion
Flames are lit within in my skull there's a thousand bulbs
Rotisserie shit lyrics I can't get warm I'm too piping hot