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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Offering
Song:   Priesthood
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Halt, who goes there? It's I sire. It is I sire. News from the East
Priesthood has returned

Yea huh 'bout to get dark Priesthood yea huh yea yo
World place your eyes on the God at hand
The Warrior the Emperor I declare I AM
#1 disagree then y'all R.I.P. as far as I see
The sun only out shines me
Bring your posse your crews your clique your gang
Only takes two to get it y'all spit the same
Say my name PRIEST now say it again PRIEST
Say to him PRIEST say it to them PRIEST
Watch 'em he's like the new RAKIM
On everybody's favorite rapper list
I view top ten I keep boxing I'm a fighter
One of the best writers
I came from Brooklyn with that Bedstuy fire
That Brownsville flow
Pounds of 'dro my crown my robe
Who's the greatest king? Now y'all know
Surround by souls that may be from the Dark Ages
They tell me things
Right before I dart my pages my art's contagious
Like skills from parts of Asia
God like paper found on my desktop
Y'all searching for the best well the best just drop it's

(Hook) 2X
PRIESTHOOD the world right in my palms
PRIESTHOOD the projects is my coat of arms
PRIESTHOOD let it be known the lead will be flown
My castle my house my throne

It's Priest Ban YaHa WahDa Wum YaHa WaSHI
Say my name watch a hundred cowards die
Fitted head wraps Mediterranean cat
Owl tattoos I carry Albanian gats
The Pharaoh of the Big Apple since BIG had you
Since the planes took our twin castles
Gem statues with ten bathrooms send Pterodactyls
Like a sorcerer you swallow my jewels
Now cough it up of course its us Priest and the nemesis
True lyricist y'all started but I'm a finish it
Lyrical shit Priesthood guns like Clint Eastwood
Streets to hood I been eating good
I brain storm till the ink on my paper change forms
To black clouds and dark spells that I bring on
I'm having constant dreams that I'm Constantine
Wake up guided by angels with armored wings it's

(Hook) 2X

I greeted you all with open arms
And what y'all do y'all grab y'all ratchets and open arms
Keep firing to eventually my ghost is gone
Till I'm lying down and it's my blood I'm chocking on
But my hopes too strong my oaths are real know thy will
That's why this whole sky filled with black birds
"Globe stop" spinning backwards
My last words are heard like it was the first
The gift and the curse greet y'all and switch in reverse
I greeted you all then open arms watch y'all tumble and fall
Throw up both of your arms in the pool hall

(Hook) 2X

(Priest talking)
Yea priesthood back that's right
Yea reincarnated updated baby you heard me
This is Priesthood KP