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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Zariya aka Z Man
Album:  The Offering
Song:   PJs
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

My past and my present
My name is Priesthood
Is it too televised for you?
Is it too real for you?

Domination, world population
Keep me runnin' while I'm gunnin' at Satan
Arms open wide
Please, Lord, let me fly
Give me answers to the when, where, how, and why
To questions we asked, back of my school class
I know I'm not a fool raised by my cool dad
Then he passed, started cuttin', smokin' hash
Hangin' out late

Damn, I was an ill shorty!
Thinking of the years
That my peers was here before me
Court cases, buying beer by the 40
Getting scary thoughts
When I'm playing with my Legos
Stacking pieces, I build 'em like a cage yo

Is it my cage I'm in?
Is it the rage I'm in?
Why they degrade my skin?
This way I pray Amen
I say my prayer while I'm looking at the guns flare
A victim fall while the innocent young stares

[Chorus] - 2X
Don't blame it on the sunshine
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Don't blame it on the moonlight
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Don't blame it on the hood times
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Blame it on the PJs
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

In the lab thinkin'
Hennessy drinkin'
Play with my ink pen
Rhymes start to sink in
Ill thoughts
My own hood may be my cross
Police, my crown of thorns
Same child y'all pounded on
Sirens swarms
A pipe lit
On the roof, ice picks
And the white chicks
Someone shoots, this whole world is crazy
As the herb smoke swirl, I'm hazy
Canít let the devil get the best of me
This ghetto's not my legacy
The planet is
My middle finger to the flag with my bandaged ribs
The other click on a mag
It's Montana, bitch!

[Chorus] - 2X

You gotta see the PJs for what it is
Just hood parables
Good times
And life and what we know
The world is what we know
It's like
Moving slow
Ya know
I'm just gonna pour me a glass of