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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Offering
Song:   Uprising
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Priest talking)
Yea I'm gonna come back and do that watch
Huh what sup here we go man

I draw deep rhymes in hieroglyphics
In tribal pictures of niggas survival some with trifle endings
Stuck in the beast the three sixes Bush recycle Hitler
I swam through menstrual cycle bitches
Blowing the widow spider kisses
Word to Christ disciple of them bible scriptures
Decipher my lyrics you see my coming my predictions
Witness my mind dimensions my rhyme adventures
"Wait" rewind this sentence check for clues some are missing
It stuns my vision but my 3rd eye is like a Cyclops
It sees deeper than the niggas on my block to Comstock
I can see further than my eyes can look past all the murderers
And all the crooks in the law books trying to beat their case shootouts
I'm a flee that states 3 to 8 it's going to go down before I see the gates
Priest the General crown with the five emeralds
Byzantineal side with the criminals, livest interviews

(Priest talking)
Yea nigga pass the crown around nigga
Put your money in this the offering nigga
Pass the...pass my crown nigga yea its gonna
Go down check it

So read your horoscope in the bars I wrote
Priest the project ghost
I show you tales of shootouts in the cosmos
Hold my rhymes like a tarot card close
"Look" see the black prince that wears a dark cloak
Looks kind of Goth though
In Heavy Mental I showed you my art growth
Look at my silver sword swinging in the calm snow
But in my imagination these fallen snow flakes
Could make the globe shake
And leave craters in the earth that rotate
This one's for Israel revolutionary fist held
Both legs impaled by the devil's dagger I stagger
Let off a clip then fell
I lost my grip slipped in the pits of hell my crown fell off
Down a hole grabbed by a million tortured souls
Burning flesh as they tore through my clothes
This arch angel stood my body up
Lifeless but righteous handed me a pair of cuffs
Alright then the sky cut with streaks of lightning I ran into 'em
Like a Bison eternal fighting forever

(Priest talking)
Knowwhatimean? Good against evil nigga
The Offering