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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck
Album:  The Psychic World of Walter Reed
Song:   Devotion to the Saints
Typed by: Cno Evil

[kung fu sample]
Hehehe... you know I guessed it
You would be the only one
Who would dare to come here, you got courage
Huh, hmm, before you get a chance to fight with me
You must observe our rules, and meet these two swordsmen first

[Ghostface Killah]
Whatchu know about steppin' out the crib like it's 20 thousand
And all fives, dust still in the fridge
Either or, yo, I rock like a meteor, bitches know when the kid's high
Cuz I fuck with the TV on
Winter time blowing, had the suede boxers
Petite fillers for the whole team, eight watches
Ladies and gents, watch me, every line is snake venom
Creepin' up on your brain like Excedrin
Blowing out veterans with a speed impediment
So underground I stay beneath the crescents
Bitter wars over coke stores, Arabian jewelers
Keeping hitting me off for the cross
Shiek's, wealthy princes and ayatollah
All I gotta do is kick a verse, they like hold this
You my nigga, dun, word to the light on the phoenix sun
Want you to take my daughter, give your queen a son

[kung fu sample]
Halt, you leap me?
That's right, I have married all the master dragon's gore!
Right, hahaha... maybe, but try me!

[Inspectah Deck]
NY fitted, Jordan 13's on the feet
Splash blood on my threads, how I murder the beat
Like medicine to infants, out of they reach
In a charcoal seven with the chardonnay seats
Now my name ring, I played the born, and bare the storm
Now I made king, I weigh my arm, and they respond
Stay gone off that haze and Don, game long like
Triple overtime, overtime stay strong
The great one, fake none, put it on the Bible
See me face to face, look me in my eyes, duke
Spartacus flow, soul cookies in the vinyls
Only time I go soft, raw pussy on the cycle
Your highness, INS, darts catch your body
And all a nigga saw was the sparks from the tommy
Papis split the fishscale raw, coppin' polly
Big brother Rollie or Deck, got it roxy

[Killah Priest]
My rap is like a holy drug cart, documented in my sentence
Around the edges, sold my presence of my life beginning
For born bloody swarm, early to a Godly finish
To naysayers throwing stones, hoping I'll diminish
The skies open, til I rose from three or four dimensions
With great rings, less then the dollars the grave bring
Meet the afterlife, chapters I write, with great king
It's beautiful songs, killing from beyond
They talk to me through a cloth coofie, Lord's beauty
And I'll admit through gems of life, I lost jewelry
Among the land dwellers, never trust what a man will tell ya
They give you stone for bread, you found dead
With no dog to smell ya, passing acid in your liquor glasses
When they pour it, have you throwing up blood and courage
Just a week ago, you spotted them walk in
With your enemy, and you recall it
It wasn't me mugging, they was talking, plotting on you
But God made me subnormal, your diary rise
Breathing the immortal

[kung fu sample]
It was mean, while I'm fixing
His identity, overthrown by the republicans
But our people are still suffering, I am the judging
To reorganize this justice, to help our people
By overthrowing the republicans
So help me to regain our position
We will overcome the republicans!