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Artist: Killah Priest f/ RZA
Album:  The Psychic World of Walter Reed
Song:   Energy Work
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Yeah, Wu-Tang, I feel great right now, youknowhatimean
This is it, The Psychic World of Walter Reed
Yo, RZA, just let them know something man
We been doing this for a long time, so, tell 'em RZA, one more time
Youknowhatimean, I feel great right now, let me bring ya'll closer to the culture
It's like Gandhi when he aided his first, something great, something special
Just like an eagle when he watches the NASA take off
Or horses by the runway, watching cars drive by
Well here comes the pain, youknowhatimean

[Chorus 4X: RZA]
There comes the pain
After the sunshine

[Killah Priest]
Okay, a hundred and eight celestial stems, stretch out my terrestrial limbs
Master the puzzle within, identify the coherent
Combination without aging, I'm spacing
That's just a metaphor, head covered like Skeletor
A fellow law, they said inside the booth is the fountain of youth
But within my ideas I found the reservoir
I let the presents draw, they used to call me weird out of fear
I did the impossible, with no clothes I walked on top of hot coals
Discovered pots of gold, now I drop the scrolls
The creation narrated pre-exist the foundation of language
The ancient and the infamous, untainted for the brainless
Breaking the elements, development, erasing the devilment
Taking from the sacred intelligence
Priest, the heretic, but now I'm from David's heritage
Escaping in an angelic ship, Cherubs did create the skeletons
Shaped through the melanin, embraced it by the Seraphims
In heavy rain, in space, shape the Nephilims
Divine order begin, recorded with my pens, why seek our water
The reward is within, Egyptian empires, hieroglyphic writers
Where they really fallen angels survivors
Was the Rosetta stone owned by Ethiopians
Or the rest of the holy men, we won't know til they shovel our bones
The Indian chiefs smoke opium, this is not blasphemy
Or the devils assemble the bath of me, this is just a rap word play
Stuff that I learned from the curb one day
I'm like Daniel in a cage with Gryphons, my face stiffens as I saw a great vision
Grey pigeons that shape shifting in the space system
Laboratories with apes missing, martial law
It's a state prison, Great Britain
Techno Priest, retro freaks, a computerized sun
With electro street, loungin' in a new world ghetto
Playing RZA beats, the AD I done lost clothe speaks
Jaguar paw, word to the weirdo, what up RZA?
I place a universe inside of each verse
I know your soul need energy work
They said when he was young, he had seven suns above his tongue
The ark of the covenant between his gums