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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Psychic World of Walter Reed
Song:   The Winged People
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Do you really know?
Or taught what you know?
Do you believe?
Or do you know?
Is your faith blind?
Or is it bright as the sun?

Oh Lord! Why'd they lie to me
Genesis - is where we will begin

[Killah Priest]
They were here before Adam, descendants of Anu
Took on mortal fashion, built them selves statues
In the image of themselves, to worship themselves
Built towers to themselves, to remind them where they fell
They came from a station in space, an angelical race
Giant in stature, helmet and cape, that they wore
Visited this planet to explore
Long journeys from they own because their race had war
It's said they called their planet Nibiru
and that they were fallen heroes
They saw gold, saw tree's and life more liberal
Astronauts with afro and locks
Jet beamed into a ziggurat they crashed on rocks
1.21 gigawatts, some passed over crops
In tablet legends, they said they opened the flood gates of heaven
Describing their monstrous brethren
Chopping up their grandparents into seven.... pieces
Now they looking for a region, they travel eastern
Found a garden called Eden, they saw a being
Force to bow before Baal
Or be exiled with a tribe of reptiles
Now called Rothschild's and X-Files
Life begins breathing hydrogen inside of high winds, milky way, violins
Heard by the wisemen, observed in Orion
The windows with no end, the black glass and a sea that extends
Within that sea exists carbohydrate's, these gods were hybrids
That went back and forth until they mixed with star bred
In the foods of thought, with proteins, protons and atoms produced the whole theme

Force to bow to Baal

From infinity to density, to matter
To Adam, the cell, to organisms to metamorphism's
The waters of the living, to bodies, back to godly