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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Raekwon
Album:  The Psychic World of Walter Reed
Song:   Wubian Nation
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Killah Priest]
Yo, I move like a UFO ship, a smooth prince
The eloquent stance, intelligent man, while shooting
Rhyme from the Byzantine face, with seven holes
Knew I'd be in, Israelite faith, my weapon blows
Fire pearl, fugitive chased from higher world
Priest move through FBI states with white girls
There's no dies or pain, sedate the culture like the Europeans
Two hundred grams of my distant land, build sculptures
Of the high proximity, and fitted me pale
Paradox lost alone in this wasteland, he wears an ice cross
Lamping with the gold white Porsche, lights off
When he talks, breathe so cold you see white floss
You can see the sidewalk, you can se the white chalk
American tragedy, man who killed Malcolm
Ice pick, confessions of a Mafia hitman, and crime families
Brother minister, the brother's keepers
A sick grin, they cleared out the mall with street sweepers
Try to front, tell, in the hood, will bury ya
Priest sniff out beats like dogs sniff out bodies in wooded areas
Investigation, journalists on child murders
Jihad sip with serial killers, KKK and the hot burners
Every eye lurking, slay the beast when my iron emerges
Killah Priest throw fires at serpents

Prince of Persia, five fifties, most of us sly and shifty
Can't take the cake when you die, why evict me?
Diamond cut needles on the twelves, my niggas blow off the sales, come back derailed
I speak with the strength of powder sour, black reefer and flowers
Build me a palace in Egypt, I own McDonald's
Cranberry grenades, hood parade
Make sure my peoples safe, send the US the cure for AIDS
Everybody know my portfolio, Gucci sneakers on
Looking real, yo, this is my polio
Bro man with the gold lamb, gold glam
Show his hand off, I got the Scorpio in sand
Brand new rebels, rolled up, keeping it pulled up
Snatch your kilt, sipping African milk
My levels, is more higher then them devils
Check me in another ghetto, the circle