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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Fall of Solomon CD-5
Song:   Fall of Solomon
Typed by:, ThaMasta@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Intro: Killah Priest]
What up, Priest? 
What up, cat?
Since you're one of the dopest MC's that I ever heard
I want you to kick the story
Yeah, I got one, already..
The dopest story I heard, check it

[Killah Priest]
Thieves in the temple, a priest murdered at the doorstep
He heard the hounds of horses, surround his fortress
Look down, the whole town with torches
Blood on the door knock where our lord slept
Night before the see-er saw it, so they slept nautious
Broken windows with cannisters, hidden cameras
Masked man at the top of the bannister
Shattered glass everywhere, someone pushed his man down the stairs
A knife in the back with a note attached, read 'Beware'
Looked up, saw a blowin curtain, a open window
and heard the whistle of the soft air, someone screamin 'warfare'
So Solomon takes cover, a servant yells out 'the bitch is cursed,
don't touch her', but he trusts her, he also loves her
Cause her to hold the sharing, his bright moon and star
His lil' way out the valley, a spy cut her throat inside a dark alley
Someone knocked his daughter off a balcony, bloodshed in Galilea
The cowardly flee to the hills of Cabarea
Thieves of a hundred gates, the queen of cities
No one shows pity, flyin spirits, floatin demons, fallen saints
Soldiers walkin by their ranks, service of the East gate, scared to drink
What would our leaders think? Every man lookin at each other, scared to blink
The seed inside the sanctuary, scary
Portraits of Saint Mary, with Mona Lisa
The Queen of Cheeba, strokin a cheetah
Other mid-wives sayin 'I don't like the way he treats her'
Pass the reefer, bad cheeba, Solomon judge wisely
Wisdom spoken of highly, hair knotty, ask God 'Why me?'

[Chorus 2X: Killah Priest]
It's the street life that I write
From beginning to end
Dealin with these lies and deceptions
Like the fall of Solomon
And all my niggas in the State Pen
Who doin five to ten

[Killah Priest]
Order these Gods to untie me
He said men do not despise a thief if he still dissatisfy his soul
If he's captured he shall restore it, seven fold
A legend unfold, let it be written in the scroll
Solomon's gold, swallow them whole
He said 'Fuck you!', make me another Pagan God
Usin brass poles, spies layin up in the closet
They open the door, they spray holes through the prophets
Solomon whispers, a man reaches in his zipper
The king killed by his own bishop
Hit beneath the babel gate himself, fucked when he hicced up
Tears of a child, 'Daddy, get up!'
Fast forward, you see Malcolm X fallin from a pulpit
Sprayed up by bullets, dead over bullshit
Niggas layin on the pavement, holes in their Woolridge
Look what the wolves did, full clips and cartridges
Imposters live, abduct the kids in front of corner stores
Poppin shit, throwin up gang signs at the same time
Them niggas roll dice and fight canines/K-9's
Should I wake 'em up or let 'em stay blind?
Cause education seem like it's only shit to a thug
You either Crip or you Blood, really? I'm sick of the grudge
Y'all niggas need to dip it in blood, I should walk by
And take a flick of your mug, show you how vicious you was
Neighborhood overflooded with liqour and drugs
Young queens grow up to be strippers in clubs
Man, damn son!

Chorus 2X

[Outro: Killah Priest]
It's the street life that I write
It's the street life that I write