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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Material - Intonarumori (Japan Import)
Song:   Temple of the Mental
Typed by: CnoEvil@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Time... come...
Wake up... what?... wake up..
I can't get up yet
What we have here is the experiment
(My eyes, I can't see)
It's called the 6 million dollar man
(I can't see) He has the speed of a cheetah
The site (I can't see) of a falcon (my arms)
Strength (what's happenin to me) of a hundred guerillas
(What's gonna happen?) Welcome to the new world
We gonna give you a name (What is you talkin about?)
What should we call him? Let's come together in one mind
What should we call him? We should call him The Electric Man
Right, we gon give you a time, to break out
Time of life, and then the hunt goes on
Ready? Let's start the clock
Electric... Get outta here, I'mma break out, I'mma break out

[Killah Priest]
Outta one came many, Electric Man runnin through the Electric City
Ruled and govern by electricity, it's like a dream
Our superiors are pathetic and they show synthetic pity
Road blocks are set up by robots, cops to check your code wit a red dot
You can hear man plead for his self esteem
For the love of God, we all sufferin
We fall asleep, they handcuff us in our dreams
We wake up and scream, the world explodes if it's overload, we hug our pillows
Heads inbreeded wit barcodes, it begins to burn, slow like charcoal
Millions of civilians ride by the carloads
They head to the ships of the cargos, they head back to the Congo's
After the bomb goes, ban 'fro's, Beetle brand clothes
You wake up in your dreams yellin, silent screams
Every time you breath is recorded by scientist teams
DNA, mind is demonic survey's when you speak, they confuse you wit wordplay
Claimin Christ never rose on the third day
That was a Good Friday, and the day he fell was on a Thursday
The undisciplined, the ignorant, the insufficient
And the unworthy, screamin for God's mercy
R.L.S. get bloodthirsty, many were persecuted
Executed, that have no soluted
Family trees were uprooted, anyone found on the streets were obsolete
Military killed the unnecessary, cops would cheat
Death, grenades, blades, anti matter rays
Through age, hurricane tidal waves of slaves
Follow the maze through the grave
Those who disobey, now obey
Somethin satanic invades the planet
Panic, the Sun of Man versus the Uncle Sam
Line intruder meets the computer, alert ya sharp shooters
Send the weapons that where nuclear up to Jupiter
New stars, Lucifer, global drag that space this
And the racist of the great wisdom of Malcolm X
I'm stressed on house arrest
New World Order, the slaughter as Solomon and Godorrah
Beast rises from the bottom of the water
Havin seven heads wit plagues
The feds versus the dreads, the reunion of the Soviet Union is ruined
Watchin every day like the movie True Men
Thugs push off their last minute drugs
Marines jump in their submarines and get their machine guns
No more sunlight, the final fight
Bring forth your pitchforks and your pipes
And you shovels, the rebels and the Devils are now leveled
Bacteria becomes superior, man becomes inferior
And the day of the prophets, so did the little child
Lookin through the windows of Spartan
The sky fill wit total darkness, the world of total stillness
Energy arisin from a local village, no more privilege
Men hearts'll feel this, vocals are silent quiet, do you feel it?
Peace and quiet, no more riots, soft like whispers
We see men wit gold slippers, read the scrolls of scriptures
Garments were angelic, gold robes that were sowed wit velvet
Silver helmets, children were silk, drinkin soy milk
Laughin and lookin at the world that they built
Calm lake, smooth evergreens, new redeem
Food for the kings and the queens
They all seen shakin the tambourine, shakin all the cymbal
They dwell in the Temple of the Mental
No more poverty stricken, robbery, guns be clickin
Forever burnin in this furnaces of affliction
Over dose and drug addiction
Thugs who just buy the system, will shut the blood of the victim
Sacrilegious, savages trapped in prisons
Trynna adapt the wisdom, they sit back and listen
To the old timers, the beast out the clotheslines
Bullets claim the lives of minors, shoot-outs in front of local spots
Even TV's takin photo shots, we in the third world
I'll give my life before my word fail
I'll give my life before my word fail
I'll give my life before my word fail
I'll give my life before my word fail
Terrestrial escape through the east gate
Electric types of prones, protons, neutrons
Electric soul, electric glow, electric probes
Electric lights light up the night
Neon, skies, neon site
Note the flight, first man, mind and sometimes
Resemble Einstein's now turn into Frankenstein's
What's yours is mine, I'll give my life before my word fail
I'll give my life before my word fail
I'll give my life before my word fail
I'll give my life before my word fail