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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Behind the Stained Glass
Song:   4 Tomorrow
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Hook) Priest
4 Tomorrow
4 Tomorrow
4 Tomorrow
4 Tomorrow

[Killah Priest]
The cargo ships rocked in ocean tides
Their freedom watched from the open skies
Cried for his chosen tribe
The great Amistad wave goodbye
You'll never see her again
Currents of strong wind
Took niggas on the long ride
Naked have I came, naked shall I leave?
This hell I see, I've written it in my form
So if my time calls you can press play like it's yesterday
It's been a decade since the best say (Heavy Mental)
Y'all hear 'em again, my serum's the pen
If death follows, so lie for now
The apostle, grace be unto you
Till the coming of shallow, I wrote this...

(Hook) Priest

[Killah Priest]
What's sufficient for the ears?
Redemption is near
The hope of Christian, religion is listen but fear
This desire put us back in bondage
To weak and begging elements
Living devilish in our conscious
We became monsters
'Cause all we want is the chronic and some liquors
And tat on some scriptures and I miss my sister
Pictures haunts my mind, it turns realer
Look inside my memories mirror
Heron had her in sedation, till she became an AIDS patient
Her last days she laid shaking
I stood by her grave waiting
For the preacher to finish his sentence
I dropped the rose in the hole then I left repented
It took part of my soul; turned my soft heart into stone
When I strike my chest it hurts my hand
Is our freedom even worth the plan?
The dope merchant glance
Then look back at the fiend like "you heard the man"
Who wanna take a stand? Hopes are hollow
The adolescent hand chokes a bottle
No role models, wherever the streets leads ye shall follow

(Hook) Priest

(Priest talking over the hook)
I see the future
This for the future man
Ha-ha, I want the future to hear me
I want everybody to realize
That when I sat and I wrote this
This was for...

[Killah Priest]
He quickened my heart after foolish women ripped it apart
Swimming in a dark sea that was living with sharks
The last enemy to destroy his death, what's next?
Given the power, all things wicked will end in an hour
The corruptible, must put on end corruption
All this and his destructions
God to men discussions, he looks at us in disgusting
Sky erupting when my pen is touching
Deliverance from this ignorance
Idiots are oblivious, it makes God furious
Surrender yourselves, ye members of hell
Offenders are given to jails
The devils agenda's to get in oneself
All we wanted was help, the common mind is blind
The honorable is hard to find, there should be no sign
Liberty is defined, the spirit must be circumcised
It's deeper than just tribute time

(Hook) Priest