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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Behind the Stained Glass
Song:   The Beloved [The Messenger]
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Peace Almighty I'm gracious
Most benevolent speaker
The beloved brother spoke on this occasion
Do we all suffer from the caucasian?
Non-cipher look at our own coordination
We lost coordination
Sisters started free-basing
Brothers stop the self-hating
We need some reevaluating
Some growing up, stop the handout
Stop holding the cup
You think we was old enough
Peep these jewels while you're rolling your dutch
Brothers having a form of godliness
But disregarding their kids
What kind of God do you think you is?
Man you are how you live
Yeah, you know 1-20
But he has a home in the city
Reason why you're on the phone from Poughkeepsie
We follow every rely-on
Put it together, we free our mind storms
Brainwashing, CBS is watching
Television Evangelist grants you a wish
Their modern therapist for the devil's pit
Designs for the ghettos to fit
On the top of the federal list
Now tell me who hell is this?
Rebels throw up your fist

[Killah Priest]
We all born sinners
On the corners with them law offenders
To get it all is a core agenda
Everything is real, no false pretenders
But while days pass, time flies
Minutes flash, the mind dies
Bigger graves, New York Times
Chalk lines, the thought's blind
Prices on your enemies head
'Cause nowadays dudes got bread to make you disappear
So that goes for your fist in the air
Angela Davis or Jesse Jackson
Affirmative Action, you burn or the casket
Let your moms know before you go
Ghettos the ball in the chain, it's all the same
And heron spoon fall into flame
Right before it dissolve in the vein
We're scared to read the scriptures
'Cause they don't act like your niggas
But even the Messiah will crucify between two thieves
They come for me spray Uzi's

Excuse me Priest?
Priest can I talk to you for a minute?
My name is Tiffany from Stained Glass Television
Can I ask you a question about the Black Market Militia
and your beef with the industry?
What's up with this album calling it I Am Ra's Child?
Who are you talking about in Profits of a Man?