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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Victorious
Album:  Behind the Stained Glass
Song:   Born 2 Die
Typed by: Knowledge God

[Chorus: Killah Priest and Victorious]
I'ma live, I'm gonna live, I'ma fly, I'm, gonna fly
I'ma live, I'm gonna live, I'ma fly, I'm, gonna fly

[Killah Priest]
"Whosoever therefore humble themself as this little child" (Matthew 18:4)
The saying was the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven
Wings on the ledge and felt his way home, he sings with his brethrens
Flapping away through the air, white and seems like the pheasants
But supreme in his presence, a king in his essence of woe
Unto the world because are office is corrupt
And false justice broke peace we bought the beast amongst us
Grief of a hustler, beef between brothers
To reap what we suffer
There's cancer inside, we eat off each other
Growing in us like a tumor, false rumors.
Up at the tree like a puma on the night of a lunar
We fight here comes the goons of out we live and you die
They sent the apes into space
To plant new life for the lead of only one race
Gun chase make our sons erase, some deteriorate
Evaporate from flesh to spiritual bodies
The masters of fate, still clash us with fate
The mirrors are godly, pardon me

I'ma live, I'm gonna live, I'ma fly, I'm gonna fly
I'ma live, I'm gonna live, I'ma fly, I'm gonna fly

Ever seen me fly, that's me
Ever seen me cry, I see
The dreams of a land I, I need
Poor reasons the more breathing
The more achieving, the more BELIEVING
Then the more reaching, I MEAN
Usual cats stay forth eating
PUT A PLAN TOGETHER, couple of meals together now they all eating

[Killah Priest]
So, "Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones
Before I say that to you the Heaven and the angels
Do always behold the face of the father
Which is in heaven and the son of man is coming
Save those which is lost" (Matthew 18:11)
WOW, let that sink in your thoughts
This is a force, a movement, a blueprint of the true prince
We're the remnants of Israelite descendents
We all kindred's, cross out you mimics
Follow the lineage of Genesis
To the prisoners, to all my listeners
Remember my affliction to my sister's addiction
To my spirit conviction, to my sister conditions
To my soul collisions, to my sister's soul submission
I'm here baby girl and through me ye still living
Feel me