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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Behind the Stained Glass
Song:   I Am
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Chorus) Priest x2
I was born like that
I live like that
Feel me?
Free, so let it be
I Am... King
Transform the God
Of who? Of me

[Killah Priest]
If I could write my own obituary
I tell of things I've seen and heard
I'll admit not a bit was scary
'Cause it was real so I'll feel no remorse
For those who try to crucify me then kneel to my cross
Why do women love to come in my life then leave?
Then hate the way I talk
He tries to walk righteously
They listen to their friends
My sins, my short comings
Impregnated your thoughts with their nonsense
When all of them have lost husbands
Wives have trials, try to save lives
Life and death is in the hands of what you feed the family
Think of poisoning the God? Then plea to insanity
Nah, Satan you a liar, internal fire
The life eternal of things that concerns the writer
The brighter inferno of ring that make the sky light up
We're bound by honor, we're bound law
What I found is armor, his word is the sword
Heard by all but felt by few
Before I make a cause, my inner self I view
If Corinthians is correct, gave you the respect
Not the jealousy of the next couple trouble of steps
Let's cuddle to death

(Chorus) Priest x2

[Killah Priest]
My manifestation came when you were hand to hand with Satan in reign
My crown rolled upon the ground, I'm slained, drizzling rain
Wait, my adrenaline done came
I'm still in the game, I rose like Neo
Behold, meet me in the sequel
For the people, the soaring eagle, fall like D-evil
Divinity sentence me, infinity, imagery seeing scenes when I dream
My genes is like that of a King but that energy leaves
Like a spiral of Bibles, going up it's Jacob's Ladder
God break up my matter
Spiritual body is formed, so long, stop trying to hold on
Appear in white and gone like a snowstorm
Belove it, be not ignorant of this one thing
A day with the Lord is a thousand years
Yards of blood, miles in tears, clouds turn clear
I'm finally there
My mind's prepared to climb those stairs to my destiny
My kindred body set it free; the spirit alone let it be
I got my weaponry; secondly my seventh plane is heavenly
The unexplained is shown of me, the mysteries, the thrones
I'm giving keys to the bottomless pit
Solomon whits, the obvious man will marvel at this

(Chorus) Priest x2