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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Allah Sun
Album:  Behind the Stained Glass
Song:   Looking Glass
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Priest talking)
Uh, looking inside my book
Uh, one time, uh 4th Disciple
Uh KP, dimes, uh, in the looking glass
Live for everything, when I open up my book
None for nutting knaw'mean?
Seeing the looking glass

[Killah Priest]
Life and Death is like a carnival in cemeteries
Ain't nobody left that's honorable they all been buried
The Chronicles, from Muhammad's schools to Gods name vary
Black people are the promised Jew's 'cause we lost already
My cross is heavy, I carry it - this is my burden
Looking the sky see chariots, that's why the Earth is just burning
The worst is determined, by the birth of a person or of a hurting
Soul searching, I go to the sermon of elder Gerry Burns
Life is a failure, my worries return
I know cats who could of went pro
Wasn't born with a silver spoon to his mouth
But put a silver spoon to his nose
He was nice in football but every time the hood call he would go
The projects is like the insane asylum, full of gangs and violence
Pain and problems, heavy rain I hear violence
At funerals, it's the usual explain this knowledge

(Chorus) Allah Sun [R.I.P] x2
Every time I look and close my eyes
My mind I can see the end of time
Looking at the world is so divine
While I'm starring through my looking glass

[Killah Priest]
The pastor, the preachers, wives and widows open they purses
Throwing dollars hoping one day they meet Jehovah in person (The Lord)
Miracles of man who can't walk leaps out of his chair
Saw the same man a week before walk up his stairs
An old lady who can't hear, she just stare
Showing no facial expression
She's a victim of racial oppression
Her grandkids she pray Angels protect 'em
A knock at the door; "Its agents and detectives"?
Your kids were hit by a stray (Oh Lord!)
Another dollar got to find a better way
Another day, another lesson, like stressing
Dice games, liquor stores and pool halls
Money on the table, spot that Q-ball (Rack 'em up)
Winner takes all, now rack 'em
The nine ball symbolizes the planets
The last ones to get the black one
To get 'em you have to crack 'em
Listen to this understanding
Absorb is more than just gambling

(Chorus) Allah Sun [R.I.P] x2

[Killah Priest]
Remember W.D. Fard Muhammad
The prophet that gave Elijah his knowledge
Elijah gave it to Malcolm
But on their way to the promise they ran into problems
And only two death they resolved
From the Mosque to the school up in Harlem
'Cause Clarence X left started his own set
Gave a new breath of fresh air to the projects
With ah Supreme Arithmetic's
Young kings got hip to the devils tricks
But in '69 the God got hit
But you can still hear 'em when Poppa Wu parts his lips
And there was Dr. Malachi Z. York with deep thought
Called himself: "The Lamb" "The Nuwaubian" "Godly Men"
Built his own Egypt on the top of the sand
Then there's Yahweh Ben Yahweh, called down UFOs
All these men the U.S. know
It's like our mind deteriorated when drugs came in
And it took us back to the Cavemen

(Chorus) Allah Sun [R.I.P] x2

(Priest talking)
Uh-huh, world wide G-Sciples
Yo Rest in Peace
To Allah Sun on the hook baby
He was never buried he was only planted
'Cause we're gonna grow from this