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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Behind the Stained Glass
Song:   Vintage (Things We Shared)
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Priest talking)
One more time, uh, yeah
Magnetic, uh, Priesthood
Godz Wrath (Behind the Stained Glass)

[Killah Priest]
Let the Earth bring forth grass
The herb yeild seeds, the fruit fall from trees
Working daily are the honey bees
Then all kinds came up abundantly
And everybody in the jungle free
But times change, now is guns that squeeze
Crime family smuggle ki's
USA is a large company ran by quiet societies
Privately the hood diaries of Brooklyn killers in the '80s
Harlem was heaven, project legends
Supreme had Queens; the Bronx was repping
Then the west Coast let go
With gang-banging, the game changed then
With "Batman" and Raymond Washington
The streets in Watts begun
No cops will come, what block you from?

(Chorus) Priest
Our ancestors brought from Africa on slave ships
Now return in the air with first class trips
Passenger six, window seat, relax I'm viewing the fish
The trees, the seas are blue like the jewels on my fist
From the Islands of Costa Rica we share that same light
Children play with marbles of gold, return the plight
We share the same light; we share that same life

[Killah Priest]
We were enslaved 'cause our color
Look in the Bible page and you'll discover
The real reason why we suffered
We fit the prophecies and Deuteronomy
They took the true Jewish colonies
and brought 'em to a new economy
Through Willie Lynchings philosophies and brutality
And through poverty we lost a new moralogy
Once in tuned with the galaxies
No we only see user weed astrology
We took up a blunt culture
Lost memories, last night fights from being hung-over
Young soldiers become sober
DEUTERONOMY 28, VERSE 28 will set the record straight
It states: "that he will struck us with madness and blindness
Confusion, no power or refinement, no movement"
Now take a look around at our environment
Drugs supplying, guns firing
While the president is hiding
And we admire them, white police patrol there
But they don't leave near
Said they don't care who gets killed here
Or confine to a wheelchair
Our ignorance made them billionaires
VERSE 29 says: "we will be exploited on our long voyage
Unemployment for their enjoyment"
No longer called the anointed
But COONS niggas and SPOOKS
These deuteronomic codes exposed
I'll dishonor and rose
VERSE 30: "I will sin you and your king
to a nation that neither you or your fathers have known"

(Chorus) Priest