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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed
Song:   840 Babylon
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Y'all niggas thought that I quit the game?
Thought you seen the Stonehenge tomb stone
Inscript my name; thought you saw all of the Ice wit Cube
Nah I'm equipped wit flames, mummified in Gucci
I live again, abominated my body wit all y'all hate
[*Abominated my body wit all y'all hate*]
Dress me in a suit of negative thoughts of all the fake
The caretaker places a smile on my face
Then threw me in the pit, that's it
He made his glory, in 98 but now it's 840
He gave his story, but above his grave it was stormy
Which made the dirt to kick muddy
It's about to get ugly, trust me
Thirteenth day, unlucky, fuck me, nah FUCK YOU!!!
Dust move from off his cloth
He begins to cough then begins to talk
I am rough, 840 Babylon
Then he smatch his palms thru the coffin
The comin' of his 2nd Offering
There was no death so there is no mournin'
[*There is no death so there is no mournin'*]
His 2nd Stained Glass see his hand pushin' thru the grass
Yeah, see the sand slippin' thru the glass
The Reaper held a sickle for that ass
I prepared you a plate of violence
The quiet surround ya grave wit vio-lins
Be afraid of goblins
To resurrect again is my greatest challenge
Before I fell, I cast you in Angels in the hell
His skull is fire, his horse is pale
In the soul of this writer, his force is a dwell
I'm the abomination you're facin'
My rhymes conjure Satan, in an armor of caveman's
The final conflict we're waitin'
And my palm grips the ink wavin'
Inside me is fiery, hundred eyes of the P
I'ma split altar inside of a broken tabernacles of slaughter
The threshold for dead souls
I finish ruins of castles in the Soviet Union
Y'all love death, y'all married my anger
Y'all played Russian roulette
Y'all souls is the wager
Who wanted, I'm comin' for all y'all
And after I kill ya, I'ma walk thru the graveyard
Wit a shovel like the Devil
Dig up your skeleton and grind it till there's more evidence
Then take your powder to my residence
Open up a dutch, sprinkle the dust
Then light the shit up
And take a gigantic mothafuckin' puff
[*And take a gigantic mothafuckin' puff*]