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Artist: Killah Priest f/ G/Ciples
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed
Song:   G/Ciples
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Alone in the desert, in the zone wit the chrome weapon
Eyes shut, back, touchin' kiss the Stonehenge's
Think of myself, yeah I'll be my own legend
From the pavement till we made the throne connection
Stare deep in the ozone, see the crescent
Lightsabers shoot, turn the sky fluorescent
Since we fell from grace we became Nephelims
Now we regulate everythin' from here to a wide spectrum
G/Ciples, baggy jeans but the gun's pressin'
Devils let the Ds sketch 'em, all white chalk 
Look up see the white hawk
G/Ciples driven by a light force

[Rasul Allah]
Behold the spiritual force endorsed from the source of the universe
This the birth of the sun, Solar Biology
Planet and stars form around the 19th Galaxy
This the Rapture of the 24 elders
144,000 were captured within a tetrahedron
Planet X 2012, the Zodiac marks the
Arrivin' of the Aquarian age
The next stage where the mind and soul battle between
Wit this G/Ciple in a D/Ciple

[Killah Priest]
In a D/Ciple, enemies and rivals
Bleedin' in a Y-pool, squeezin' my rifle
Flee our rival, on ya knees for survival
Believe or you'll die fool
Niggas hate cuz when we speak
We talk like we hidin' the fleet
We discuss like Zion's at reach
They say when you listen to Priest
It feels like you sittin' in Greece
Verses' calm and peace
Then you hear bombs then missiles release
They say his eyes was red wit wine
His face's like its bred wit lion
Speech like it's laid wit lead and iron
Heavy, G/Ciple we triumph

[Killah Priest]
Kill a legion of you crabs
United Snakes of America
And to the Republic of all you fags
An abomination of your pagan Gods
Invisible & visual, injustice
And all peace to all, we at war wit St. Igor's
We the law writers, so your law don't apply to us
God guide us, we are survivors
We bring the sword to liven things up
"O' Emmanuel" I got a bag full of shells
Ready to shoot for justice and hand me his rail
Full of his blood, you showed us ya love
And for that we ready to blow slugs at
Our nina's cocked, try to become between us, get shot
We're like David & his Mighty Men
Feel God when we write wit the pen
Fear God when we fight to defend
Men wit no name, no job, no fame, no money, no house
But somehow we own everything
Priesthood, peace-wood
Bring it back the practice, no distraction