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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed
Song:   Gabriel's Palace the Dybbuk
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
In the planet of Brooklyn, place mother starship voyage
Holdin' two boys, cosmic of other planets nevoid
Our space suits consist of apple jack hats and platform boots
Afros, cornrows, four in our group
Passin' Androids, Neanderthal, my system ran to the Panther hall
On our way to the plant, police drones
Shot laser guns, AR's E ones, hustlers scrabble their crumb
The canvas of our slums
I was just a lil infant wit my force shield
Observin' cross field
All the gangstas and all the thoughts were real
It was live, dress fly
How did I know that I will soon be his Jedi?
The station known as Bed-Stuy

DJ Woool
DJ Woool
DJ Woool
DJ Woool

[Killah Priest]
The pen in my hand was the lightsaber
Didn't know back then it would be my life savior
And when the young Knight took the mic it was major
He would recite words human shouldn't write on paper
Should've saw the bright quasars
Make the Earth look like the moon under the night craters
He battled cats that looked like Mad Max
Swung his lyrical axe wit arrows in his back
The Crying Freeman Lord, had the fist of the North Star
The War God, swung his sword hard
In parks, lobbies and school yards
The epic odyssey continue, his friends knew that he had somethin'
When he took he asked for nothin'
His fate became great and took the shape of Henry the VIII
Da Vinci they scraped, but who would've known?
From his Heavy Mentalist poem
That he would sit on the throne given to Jones (Nasir)
Amongst Rakim, carved in the stones
Big Daddy Kane clones and Jay, BIG and Pac once owned
Scarface, G-Rap, Rick, Blastmaster, half pillars in Hip-Hop's Rome
Method Man stands next to the Giza of GZA
Big Pun, Big L sit up in the ozone
Quasars of Cormega, Ras Kass, Canibus and AZ from the B.C.
The Ghost of Ghost spoke and predicted Priest shall come in A.D.


[Killah Priest]
From gettin' started to his menu screen
Where we find his items contains the great warrior king
Stood beside 'em was a ghost hawk
Above 'em was a spirit hawk that swoop down and hear it can talk
Lyrics of thoughts, the odyssey
It all happens here in New York
The Bed-Stuy Jedi quickly transport to his station
Known as Brownsville, wearin' a white gown to his heel
The Messiah will squeeze fire, Ghetto Jezuz
Caesar transform the street attire
Got wit the Rose Family, Daddy Rose up in cheetah's
Wit classy Rose, bought a house out in Crown Heights
Brown stone on prospect
The God rest but there's more progress
Move out to Love Allah
Amongst the blood, cuz and the stars
Hollywood this is a long way from where his posse stood
This is probably good, the weather, weed and the waves
Sun lotion on the bathes, bikini straw-hat's and shades
Stood a nigga in Timbs, observin' the realm
He picked up his pen, the epic saga starts again