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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed
Song:   Intro
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
They drank, they danced, they partied to radio songs
Made videos wit their corny raps like nothin' was wrong
They sang their hooks, threw away books, FOOLS!!!
Same generation that voted for Bush! EEEWWWW!!!
So was the days of Noah before he entered the Ark
They laughed; they drank till the clouds got dark
Felt the first drop and frightened their heart
So shall be the Priest coming, the blowin' of trumpets
Made my Sword of Justice, groan in your stomach
They say his words were written in red
They said his blood's the wine
His flesh was the bread
Clouds from Heaven covered his head
And like a black table cloth space was spread
On his jacket he wore many badges from rappers he defeated
From 66 planets, along his right shoulder 22 letters
It spelled the name of the rappers and their Gods he severed
Upon his dome, countless of crowns of rappers thrones
He trot down leavin' craters as he walks
Shift in the Earth forks, he stayed in God's thoughts
Rappers were like Adam & Eve
He would smash them, the fruit and their trees
Priest the Great, walk the impeller
Killer the first, Ivan the Terror
Wit a look that could crack mirrors
Strength of 900 Gorillas, the birth of Amole's
More palms of crush, planets, lyrics produce such damage
The night's endin', I'm winnin'
You rappers seem winded, I'm relentless
Tremendous, I break arts to graphics
Any last wish, from your head, your asses split
Bones break like the glass dish
Ironclad whip, the king of rappers and madness
I am that sick!

Live from the RAW TRADE CENTER
Weapon of mass productions
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