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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed
Song:   Just Some Shit Off the Top
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
300 blunted scriptures of Hitler's
Mixture, Holocaust thoughts
500 bareback slave masters whippin' niggas
Pickin' cotton, Bin Laden shockin'
700 Monks wit their teeth rotten speak doctrines
A man enters a temple wit his back hunched
A dragon lands in the cave near the Caspian Sea
A palm reader dreams, materialize to an image of Priest
The mic comes on, quiet storm, Killa Beez swarm
The lion can't sleep, the monkeys are restless
The birds fly from trees
An engineer sits at the masters session
My A&R brings the disc of the record
DJ Woool makes a beat, the booth is empty
Instrumental's playin', Preachers begin prayin'
Rappers stop rappin', law of attraction
Cause and reaction
I walk in like the dinosaur in the room
Look at me, like fire works in front of the moon
The air turns gloom
Then I sit back and hear my favorite tune
Then I start spittin', you rapper's doomed
You rapper's doomed

Yeah this is comin' out the brain, kno'I'mean?
Insane, back for the second verse
DJ Woool whadup? Ight!

[Killah Priest]
Fuckin' Wonder Woman on top of the Hall of Justice control panel
Batman can't even read the image on the channel
But here's the moanin'
Superman will rise, I throw him
He shoots lasers from his eyes
I block it like the Lone Shogun
My arms transform to guns, blow 'em to the sun
Wonder Woman's cryin'
I grab that bitch by her brace as she's naked
Her tittie is hangin'
Aquaman walks in thirsty, my guns bang 'em
I make dracula eat cereal, preferably Franken Berry's
Fuck like a tank heavy, pull out burners
Y'all heart beat fast like the motor on a new Chevy
Y'all ready? Everybody gettin' buried
I'm the only rapper left, all of y'all favor death
All y'all wack, all y'all style's get smacked
I keep a 144,000 crowns under my hat
My durag ties up, the mind of King Tut
Kool G hoodie keeps my wings tucked, don't give a fuck
Straight out the dome, kno'I'mean?

Pop 'em in his home, yeah, pop y'all crown
Priest, yeah, all y'all styles get smacked
Across the map, it's like that
I just wrote this right now, straight up
There's no thinkin', no ink pen, no nothin'
Just sittin' down
Yeah, come one, come all