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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed
Song:   Killah Man
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Afternoon cartoons - Gatsu come
Part chew gum, hard screwed slums
Killah's are familiar, the cost-stealers
Shark niggas in dark oceans of omens
Cold wind's blowin' - 'Fuck the World' is the slogan
ShoGuns give a fuck for no one
Even hot weather, shot and pop together
Gangster teardrops, life endeavors
Mexican Cartel of shock tales
Spark L's of smoke spells
La Familia, we drink hard liquor
Takin' shots at the killah
Weed grows out of Solomon's grave
I place hollows in gauge
The night swallows the day
Police ride around wit the old Chiefs
Circlin' the block, no curfew
Crime don't stop, nine's go pop
We close shop

Tryna take my spot
---It's Killah Man---
Try to live what we been thru
---It's Killah Man---
Try to stand where I stood
---It's Killah Man---
Y'all fake but neva understand
---It's Killah Man---

[Killah Priest]
Rappers I frightened 'em, fightin' 'em like Tyson
Incitin', writin' wit the mic enlighten them
No hype in sight, enticin' them
Take a vicodin like a Viking helmet wit two long horns
Try to hold me but I'm hot and too damn strong
Meltin' them, King Kong held the gun
Take the planets, play ping-pong against my shadow
Throw God's armor on, who wanna battle?
Clash of the swords
Talk like a Lord then die like a Lord
Live today, die foreva, pots rye from pressure
Hot spray eyes wit peppers
Acetic niggas neva learn
This is alkaline rhyme wit calcium line
Neutralize mineral high, newest calories
Shoot from balconies, read the world is mine
Tuxedos, duck from eagle, buss at you and your peoples
Cuss when I discuss how I'm gon' to defeat you
No sequel, just the end, the credits, the documentary
Be at the club and you're in the care of the medics