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Artist: Killah Priest 
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed 
Song:   Live (For the Moment) 
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
I reminisce as street kings in six-story castle projects
Addidas outfit, name ringin' thru the complex
Fur garments wit Africa around their necks
Shootouts, families' movin' in and out
Some dudes took the Manasquan route
Neva seen them on basketball courts
We mastered those sports
Mines was football, often in and out on hood brawls
Till I seen my nephew's coffin
I left got serious wit my rhymes
Ms. Shirley said "Good call"
The bullet that had my name probably still screamin'
May it go into the brain of a demon
That cold sale that wanted to swallow my body
Still have metal stomach pains probably
I neva planned to fell but neva planned to rise
I see it when I close my eyes
The soul inside was a king, the globe in the sky
It's my reign, I put letter together 
Like crosswords puzzle
And nailed to the cross were the hustlers

(Hook) 1.5x
Live for the most
See BIG in your scope
Take the righteous oath
Till we get by the ghost

[Killah Priest]
My rocks were hunted and killed
Police raided Brownsville
Like Romans searchin' for every first born male
Gangsters were also placed in crucifixion
Hammers and nailed, their resurrection would only come thru records
Mid '90s were the last breeds
Most of the hid under siege
A few had seen, every now you get a glimpse of what use to be
Under light poles you neva know what life holds
No Virgin Mary it's scary, prison scars and all our laws buried
Friends buried and dirt cover their stories
Bullet seals their glory
So we all smoke weed to foresee
Future look there's Dark Street
Hospital beds of morgue, bodies layin' near park Jeeps
While other see awards from basketball
Commercial, then it starts all over the circle
From the nurse to ya first school
To the hearse then the dirt moves
Then is to spirit land wit the man wit the hole in his hand
Yo, damn, what's the plan?