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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed
Song:   Never Existed
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Stop playing man, fo'real man
What about that rhyme Killah Priest....
I told you son, there was never a Killah Priest
There was never 'A View From Masada', there was never a 'Priesthood'
There was never nobody that kick lyrics like that son
Fo'real, y'all niggas' is buggin'
Fo'real, I'm serious son, there was never a Killah Priest

[Killah Priest]
He never existed; he was part of RZA's experiment
He was only in their imagination
Part of RZA and GZA's conversation
There was never an album called 'Heavy Mental'
That was only in y'all mental
Last song, you think somebody can make somethin' that strong?
That was didgeridoo instrumental, now hold on
I'ma show you why that nigga never exist
And why this cat never spit
Killah Priest the idea came from early Egypt
I'm talkin' way back on the other side of the map
Egypt was really called Mizraim
Name came from Noah's eldest son, his name was Ham
They told stories, relaxin' their thoughts
As their brain hovers New York
That third eye glide with views like a Hawk
Notice Hawk - Falcon, same thing
These was practiced by their Kings
Then Killah Priest came from B.C.
That started wit the Sheikhs
They had Killah's that would teach
Noticed how they spelled Killah
K I L L A H, take the A, L L, add another A in the H
That's Allah; you see where I'm goin' God
And Priest was also in Egypt
See, don't take everything literally, peep it
Yo, flamin' arrows aimin' at Pharaohs' inhabitation
Racin' like a sparrow thru a narrow population
Keyword: 'Pharaoh', they left codes back then
So their name would last on the globe, when it spins
He said: "Pharaoh, of the big apple"
Lettin' you know, another code
I judge wisely between two pillars of ivory
Why two pillars?
Look that's Greeks takin' from the Egyptians again my nigga
See Killah Priest never died because Killah Priest never was alive
Notice how other rappers never talk about him
Even in his own clique, cuz he's just a clone kid
They say he use to talk to this girl from Roc-A-Fella (Amil)
Well, why they never drop nothin' together
They say she had a baby by him, but where's that?
I'm waitin' Black, look the Sunz of Man album cover 'Saviorz Day'
Where he at? Look man, I'm just kickin' facts
He don't be wit no Wu-Tang
Maybe I'll sit back and let you explain
They said GZA discovered
I checked GZA's latest album, Priest ain't on none of them
Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth (B.I.B.L.E.)
That's GZA's song, PROVE ME WRONG!?!
He was never a Gravedigga
Killah Priest was made up by RZA son

Word, shit, fo'real son?
Wait a min; hold on, that shit is crazy son
Wait a min; hold on, what about him and Canibus battlin'?
But nobody else was there, just him and Canibus
Fo'real? Yo son I'm tryin' to tell you that was Canibus rhyme
Killah Priest was never there, son they make all that shit up
Why the Horsemen never drop? I'm tellin' you son
Cuz they don't wanna expose that to everybody
and let everybody know that they be just makin' Killah Priest
That dude Walter Reed he mad funny, he don't spit ...
He don't spit it like that man, he's a cool guy man
Fo'real, nice dude, he's really funny too
He's my man, word! But um yo son I'm tellin' you man
That Killah Priest concept that genius tho, I like that
Yo RZA, you get all the props in the world for that man
You get all the props in the world
Yo y'all Wu-Tang niggas I love y'all man
How they gon' make up somebody like that, that ill son
They created that, fo'real, yo y'all was magnificent man
Sunz of Man and puttin' all that, hahaha
I got it now, oh I got it, it was part of...OH!!
So if they do that then nobody had to come against them
Cuz... oh I got it, I got it, I got it
So whadup wit Dreddy Kruger?
Wanna hear about that, oh that's part 2

(Sample from Killah Priest - Heavy Mental)
"No evidence in any cemetery or obituary
Not found in any library or dictionary or encyclopedia or media"

"No evidence in any cemetery or obituary
Not found in any library or dictionary or encyclopedia or media"