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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed
Song:   The Perfect MC
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Six million barrels of Egyptian gold
24,000 kegs of the lost world's most precious stones
Glue from a goo, from out the center of the moon
And the dust from outta every dead king's tomb
Bring me every convict from out of God's prison
Make his DNA out of the star's system
Let's make a small sharp incision
Remove the waters; give 'em a heart full of wisdom
I need 700,000 small planets
Place 'em inside his womb, now he's standing
Seven suns, below and above his tongue
I breathe life, light up his veins
Here he comes, they speakin' thunder in his ears
Celestial spheres, he hears
They made his penis into a phoenix
He only sees in zenith
A day wit Priest is a thousand years
They made 'em chew and swallow
7000 new Cabbala's, his heart severed lions
He runs like an impala
We instilled in him, the wisdom of all the ancient scholars
It rained lightning when he scream and holla
70 Nations came out the black waters
They turned on the mic, let's call him off

He's the Perfect MC
My flow might not be as illest as yours
But my rhymes is the greatest in this galaxy
Bitin' - The Perfect MC

He's he Perfect MC
My flow might not be as illest as yours
But my rhymes is the greatest in this galaxy

[Killah Priest]
I attracted my light, again and again, over and over
Within myself till I created some help
Position them around the Orion's Belt
Now I will make other suns
My book of rhymes weigh seven tons
I eat planets like its medicine
They con rappers wit record contracts to pay Con Edison
A Caesar called Rabbi Yeshua Ben Priest
A doctor called 'The Healer' walk from the East
I bolt the lightning as my mic
I rap, I blow planets away
I inhale, they come together
My fingers hold the Big Dipper in the Little Dipper like dice
Look at my face like Poltergeist
Explosives when I write, they say Priest erupts
Planes crash, the street's go nuts
When I hear a beat and some cuts I beat it up
Like Godzilla, I'ma hard nigga
Wit Astrophysics, I have no limits
I can see it all in the tarot pictures
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